Thursday, October 7, 2010

Socks and Sandals

 With fall in the air, I hauled out my pink corduroy "shrunken" blazer, wondering if the "shrunken" will still work.  This style was fashionable a few years ago so I'm trying to adapt it to look more current by adding the longer shirt.  I decided I'd go monochromatic~that is a palette that I've seen around this year.  I changed out the belt (it was a self-belt) and YES THAT IS SOCKS WITH MY SANDALS!

I saw the socks with sandals LAST year; tried it and liked it.  I have to do something rebellious!  I have seen some photos of combos of socks and sandals that DON'T work; but I think these do.  These jeans could have been a smidgen longer; but my long ones are packed.

Which reminds me; I am traveling this weekend, so posts may be erratic~ 
So, what do we think?  Yay or nay on socks and sandals?  


  1. I like the shrunken blazer with the long shirt and the belt. I think socks are nice for fall. I'm just wondering if it would even nicer if you had some in a similar shade as the blazer and or top? I'm not positive; I'd have to see it. But even if you don't, it looks good like it is.

  2. That monochromatic layering works well to create a longer line from that jacket.
    As for the socks-and-sandals, I have to say that while I have got used to tights and sandals, even if (or especially if) the tights are bright or contrasting, I find the lines of the sock seams and ribbing a bit of a distraction here. But once you early adopters walk the look around a bit, I'll probably get used to it, perhaps even embrace it . . .

  3. Not really a fan of the socks and sandals but love the shrunken jacket with longer piece below it.

    Have a great weekend!

  4. I also envision this with another pop of color at the foot~nice bright socks...but these work, too. I think this style sandal makes it work=they're chunky enough.
    The jacket layering is nice too.
    Enjoy your travels :)

  5. you daring woman you! I love the monochromatic look. I don't know about the socks and sandals trend...i probably won't follow the crowd on that one. The last time I wore socks with sandals was with my second pair of Birkenstocks. See it's my memory of former trends that always gets in my way.

  6. Alright, I've got to tell you....I really think you're kind of pulling off the socks with sandals. I disagree with some others about the pop of color with the socks. I would definitely go neutral. Honestly, it's a difficult look to pull off - but if you're loving it, I've loving it for you! The blazer and top are adorable! Great colors for you!

  7. Trudi~so you are not alone in your thoughts of a shot of color on the socks--looks like Materfamilias and Lisa go with you on that.

    Materfamilias~I read your part on the bad ending on the scarf the other day, so I can see why the ribbing might bother you!

    It is a trip to yester-year, Terri, I admit and I think that is why we also think of matching our socks--

    Glad to hear it Elegant! I'm thinking it almost works and the brighter color wouldn't.

    Thanks to all of you for sharing your comments--it helps to put it all together!!!

  8. Hello FashionOverFifty. . just discovered you via the comment on the blog. I'd say you can pull this look off well (love the colourful blazer!). . I'm thinking a darker shade of brown for the socks would look even better! Do try that out, since you have to do something rebellious. . and I'm sure this might not be your last socks and sandals look ;)

  9. Thanks for stopping by! Most people thought I should go with a darker sock, so for next time~