Saturday, October 16, 2010

Thanks to my Followers

I'm just feeling all fuzzy inside lately.  I feel very inspired and creative for the first time in a while;  maybe this blog has been an impetus.  Its been sort of cathartic--I know other bloggers have written about this effect.

I have found that some of the things I haven't liked about my older body has become less important in my daily diary pictures.  Funny--I didn't think it would be that way.  And its been great to share fashion with other people my age and as an added plus, I've made younger friends as well.

Which leads me to my post for today--thanks to all of you that have come by, seen, commented and followed. 

I do want to thank my followers who comment frequently individually~

Terri and Serene~I am so warm and fuzzy inside with our new friendships.  I can't thank you both enough for taking the time to comment every day.  I look forward to getting to know you both more in the future--

Still Redheaded, Materfamilias, and Frumpfactor; thanks for all your comments, your attention and your support.  Love all of your blogs too!

Trudi, Over50feeling40, Ruby;  Looking forward to more blogging with both of you--we are on the new friends list!

Lisa~what would I have done without your posts?  It would have been a really lonely blog....

And a big thanks to Jo Francis at Over 40s Style who gave me the blogger award.

If I have missed someone, please let me know.  To those I haven't gotten to know as well yet...would love to hear from you too!

Thanks to all~


  1. Well, thanks to you too Paula, you are fashion inspiration.
    I love your new pages, the sumi tree is gorgeous!

  2.'re going to make me cry! LOL I know exactly how you feel. God sends just the right people into our lives at just the right time; for which I am so very thankful. Looking forward to continuing to get to know you. You are such an interesting and fun woman....that shows in your pics and is proven through what I've learned about you! ~Serene

  3. Thanks for the girls have been really important to keeping me going and I am so thankful as well. Also, Paula, I think it is interesting how similar we are in our appreciation for art, books, fashion, and nature. I am anxious to see and read more. The blogging community is so much fun!


  4. Lisa~That sumi tree was my art project at the last class I took. I did put some color on it also that you can't see in the photos. More later.

    Serene~I feel the same way about you, and I need my fashion (& More) friends!

    over50~I think so too about our things in common, and blogging is cathartic!

  5. Aw, shucks. (blushes)

  6. Thanks! You've inspired me. Love the way you combine clothes.

  7. Looks like a great painting, I am sure a digital camera doesn't do it justice. Nice job!

  8. Terri--you are so cute!
    Still~awww, so glad I could be of help!
    first~its actually a pic from my backyard that I fuzzed the edges on.