Friday, October 15, 2010


It was a cold, blustery day....It didn't start out that way!  First, I was dressed as I am here.  For a few years now, this leather jacket has been a staple of my fall wardrobe.  I've paired this jean skirt with textured stockings and open toed shoes. 

No sooner had a done my first errand, I realized I would have to go home and change!  It had dropped to FOURTY SEVEN DEGREES with a wind! 

So, off with the open toed shoes--on with the scarf and the fleece vest.  Off I go again! 

jacket~ Marshall's
shoes~shoe boutique

Did anyone else have a problem with the weather today?


  1. i would LIVE in that jacket! perfect cognac color! such a beautiful color on you, too.

    My problem is it's still hot in the SF bay area. But in that Fall way, where it's cold in the shade, blazing hot in the sun and a bit humid. Like you, I'm doing layers. Unlike you: a lot fewer, more lightweight layers.

  2. Paula--i REALLY like BOTH ensembles. I've been browsing for a leather jacket, but haven't found just the one yet. And the little "flounce" on the skirt. This is just a great look.

    And yes, I'm having trouble dressing for the weather. Cool mornings (signs of frost in the low lying valleys), but warm afternoons. I feel like I'm undressing all day long. The opposite problem you were dealing with.

  3. Loving your tights! Although I came looking for Friend Friday so am a little confused, lol.

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  4. This weather is making me CRAZY! Opposite problem here, starts out 40 and goes up to 70! I just ADORE that jacket!!! It is sooooooo great. Don't you just love playing with carrying your summer things into fall? Gorgeous as yousual! :)

  5. Yes, the weather has been a little strange. I, too, have been LOVING my opaque tights and a trusty brown suede jacket similar in cut/style to yours. These pieces can really help us navigate the changes. Looks great on you!

  6. Wind is the worst!

    I worn a jacket from Marshall's myself. It's warmer here in the Mid-Atlantic but still a little nippy on the way into work.

    I like this time of year because you don't have to have the full coat and can bring out all your scarves to wrap your neck up.

  7. Still~I DO live in this jacket! the only bummer about this jacket was it was a really soft leather when I got it; but it STAINED! So I had to have it treated, and it got stiffer. Its softening up again, and it is a staple.

    Terri~ I have three leather jackets that I wore inside as blazers, and outside in the fall/spring. Can highly recomeend it as a wardrobe staple.
    Daiseymay--thanks for stopping by anyway!and I love the textured thing--not as heavy as my winter wool tights.
    Elegant~I do like the mix and I am not a winter lover so any more time to wear my summer clothes and I am happy!
    Frump~would love to see your trusty suede jacket--I remember we all had one in the 70's.
    Rose~I agree, wind is the worst and I am dreading the full wool coat......
    thanks all!

  8. that buttery leather jacket is fantastic. I can see how you get a lot of use out of it! Such a good item to have!