Sunday, October 17, 2010

Profound Thoughts~Evoke

Chilmark Hills by Albert Alcalay
One of my favorite college professors, Albert Alcalay, introduced me to word  EVOKE.  He taught other design principles, but this one has stuck.

For me, evoking is all about feelings.  Provoking a thought is good too; anything to dust that old brain cell off.

I have always been evocative in the way I dress.  When I was a young hippie, I really enjoyed taking it to the next level.  I designed A LOT of my clothes.  Now, its a lot harder to push the envelope without someone thinking I was a crazy lady. (I know, I go to Advanced Style--but that is New York.  If I were to do that in this suburban town, they would commit me.)

With that in mind, I still really enjoy evoking a reaction, especially from women my age.  Something as simple as, "Cute outfit" and I feel like I can still cause a reaction.  I hope that reaction helps women who have sort of given up on fashion/style and inspires them just a little to get back on the fashion train, as one blogger put it.

Have you evoked today? 


  1. Paula, I am conscious of dressing and living in a small town also. I'd love to wear head scarves, but I can so see me walking around the grocery store and people thinking I'm on chemo! I always say, I dress for me. It's wonderful to get compliments, but I dress for how that outfit makes me feel. I would definitely call your dressing evoke me to want to experiment with more colors! Thanks!!! ~Serene

  2. You aren't anywhere old enough to be evoking thoughts of " I wonder if she's dressed like that because she's had a little stroke and isn't thinking quite right anymore...."

  3. I'm afraid today I didn't evoke much. It's Sunday and I most definitely dressed down. I've really been liking the painterly and bold prints used in the ss11 line by McQueen. This print evokes a similar urge to use color...tomorrow.

  4. Yes! I've thought of this word myself when I've tried to characterize my own style -- I do like what I wear to evoke something or other, a mood, a period, a character, a story. Not to knock anyone over the head with any of those elements, but to evoke them.

  5. I think it's ok to go a little "advanced style." LOL
    The outfits I like the most evoke an interesting palette, color is key.

    p.s. Love the artwork by your professor.

  6. Serene~you make me laugh; I wore a head scarf about 10 years ago, and my friends have never let me forget it....self-evoking can be part of it too!
    Rose, maybe not old enough yet, but I could be just CRAZY...
    Terri~I think you evoke easier through your writing, no?
    Mater, great word and it dosen't matter what it evokes really, just as long as it does...
    Lisa, unlike the show we saw, eh?