Tuesday, October 19, 2010


I got this skirt a few years ago at Ann Taylor Loft.  I really like it for the fall because it is cotton, but it is lined so I can wear it with stockings--AND it has lycra in it so it stretches. From far away, it just looks like grey and black stripes, but as you get closer, there is some lavender in it.  With the lavender in mind, I added the purple jacket. (it is purple and not blue!)

My favorite parts about this outfit?  My new, thrifted earrings, the juxtaposition (!) of the textured tights against the stripes on the skirt (that made me happy whenever I would look at it!) and the details on my flats.

I love pointed toed flats.  Yup, sometimes I feel like I am skiing~but I think they have a dressy quality. 

There is a certain walk for flats--don't you think?  Seems like I need to walk in them for a while before there is synchronicity

What shoes do you have synchronicity in?


  1. I could live in that skirt.
    You'll barf but I have synchronicity in my hiking boots!!
    Not to worry, same goes for my wedge sandals.
    BTW, I meant to say those shoes yesterday were fine, I just thought they were the source of your frustration with the outfit... ;)

  2. I love those earrings!! Those shoes are just too cute.....great outfit! It's hard to go wrong with a pointy toe shoe. By the way, we are in complete synchronicity on the bracelet thing! :) Serene

  3. I feel the same way about pointy-toe flats, so much more attitude and sass than a round-toe.
    And yes, it takes me a little while to get a comfortable stride or pace or whatever in flats -- it's a different walk, for sure.

  4. what sweet earrings! perfect skirt!

    I do pay attention to how a shoe sounds and how it affects my stride. I don't own a pair of pointy toed flats (although I read today about a time in the middle ages where men's shoes developed such a long point that they added a prop to the shoe so they could walk!). I notice the change in stride most with my high wedges.

  5. LOVE the contrast of the skirt and tights. The pointy flats are awesome. I wish I could wear flats. I do think the older we get the harder they are to pull off. I would look like a duck but they are killer on you.

    One of the things I really like about your blog is that you show mixing colors in interesting ways. It was neat to see how Still Redheaded did her own riff on the pencil skirt/t-shirt look.

    Shoe synchronicity? For me that would be the cowboy boot. Dang they are comfortable and the heel is just right.

  6. Lisa, you SHOULD have syncronicity in your hiking boots! Wedges are easy to walk in too--you're right.
    Serene~oh, and on the earrings? they have like a chain mail type of thing on the back where they attached the beads..very cool.
    Materfamilias--I have tried on the round toed flats, and just don't get the same feeling--and they look so cute on other people!
    Terri~Oh yeah, shoes got very wierd back in the day...padding, straps, etc.
    Nancy, thanks for noticing and yes I love the color thing. Love the feel of cowboy boots also--very comfortable!