Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Green Acres

I saw this look in Lucky Mag~a fur stole with plaid shirt, leggings, and fuzzy boots.  I said to myself, hmmmm, looks like something I'd like to try!

The fur was a hand-me-down from my grandmother.  In the past, I have worn it with jeans or over a dress.  What I like more about this look is it is even MORE casual with the plaid shirt.

I  layered with my trusty sweat shirt vest, as when the weather warmed I would need another option.

I picked up the plaid tunic after a relatively long search--I had trouble finding one that was long enough.  It has great detail of small studs and pleating on the bodice.  The material is the perfect weight; it flows nicely over leggings.

But all day long I was singing to myselfGreen Acres is the place to be......Serene, cue the music please!

plaid tunic~Calvin Klein, Nordstrom Rack

Thrifted~they look like little surf boards!!!
 Have I made Zsa Zsa proud?


  1. Zsa Zsa is LOVIN' you right now! LOL Too cute! I really do like taking something seemingly formal and mixing it up with something very casual. The dichotomy makes for great style! What a gorgeous fur! And your little thrifted earrings are so cute. I'm feelin' this look on works! I think the leggings tucked into the boots would be fabulous too.

  2. Whoa! excellent photographs (or maybe everything looks better on this large screen computer at work!). What an unexpected combination--the fur jacket is lovely all by itself and it works so nicely with the long tunic. Where did you finally find the tunic? I had flannel maternity smocks that I wore and wore until they completely fell apart.

    Thumbs up!

  3. I totally agree that you have made ZsaZsa proud!

  4. I love the plaid and fur combo! What a good interpretation! I wish I could find a faux fur vest that doesn't make me look like the fake animal that it for-pretend came from. So far the ones I've tried on have been more tres moose and not enough tres chic. Your vest, and you in it, look fantastic!

  5. As my secret boyfriend, Tim Gunn, ould say: that's a lot of look....but you pull it off pretty well. I never would have even tried it. And I love the plaid tunic.

  6. Serene~I love the mash up look too! I will be hauling out the boots with it also--
    Terri~I got the Tunic at Nordstrom Rack. I was hoping I could find a flannel one~
    Thanks Rose
    Vanessa~I thought the plaid and the fur was very unexpected also and its given me a little more mileage out of the fur...and I haven't found a faux vest yet I like either--they are all too puffy or something!
    Still--he's MY boyfriend!!!
    Lisa~me too!

  7. Your vintage fur jacket is beautiful :)

  8. I like this outfit! So cool..

  9. Thanks designedbyname~ I checked out your site also--looks pretty cool too!