Monday, October 18, 2010

Fashion Brain Cramp

Ever have those days?  I just didn't have it today.  And I could have tried harder, but I got a brain cramp.  There is all this stuff floating around in my gourd, and it came out like this.  Bleck.

To start off with the bleck?  The longer sweatshirt is too long.  And I'm not feeling all of this grey.  Oh, and the shoes?  They could go for runner up of the fugly contest.  Wore them a lot last year.  They are comfortable tho.

I'm really missing dressing up for work.  When I go into my closet, I am trying to mix some of my old work clothes with some of my more casual clothes (mash-up Lucky Mag calls it).  Hence this skirt and the shoes from my old work wardrobe, but alas, strike one.

Will try again tomorrow~ 


Anyone else with the bleck?


  1. I think you should cut yourself some slack! I actually really like the long sweatshirt with the skirt and the shorter sweatshirt. The only thing I'd change is to maybe try a cute little ankle boot with this. I KNOW you've got some fabulous boots!! LOL I think the look is adorable! ~Serene

  2. Sometimes you just gotta experiment!
    I kinda like the loner sweatshirt. It's cool!

  3. OMG it does work, really!
    ...except I agree with Serene: the shoes, not so much :)

  4. I like the layered jackets. I don't know what I would suggest for a shoe. Maybe you should dress in a former work outfit for one photo... and thus get it out of your system. I have looks I've tried and snapped photos of that I would never leave home in!

  5. Serene~what I discovered last night was great relief when I took these clothes OFF! Making me cranky was the fabric content-synthetic! I like my natural fibers...thanks for the support!
    Vanessa~SOOO true--and that's why I posted this pic.
    Lisa~ shoes gutta go...
    Terri~good idea! I actually have old photos from last year of the work outfits. Maybe I'll pretend one morn!