Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Drum Majorette

top: Marshall's
skirt: Zara
Boots: Steve Madden, Marshalls
stockings: Marshalls

Rockdale, TX., Class of 65
(not mine)
Continuing from yesterday, here are the cowboy boots with the skirt.  I was a bit worried I would look like a drum majorette, so I had to make sure I toned down the color a bit.

It is really lousy out today, rainy and I knew I would be wearing my cape.  The boots will be perfect in the rain.

I had to take a dry run and see what type of looks I would get with this.  NO ONE STARED out of incredulity, so I'm safe.

Details:  Earrings are the hoop and bead thing~the bead is actually a beautiful venetian glass.  Stockings are textured.  Oh, and must fix the hem on this skirt.


Should I sign up for the band?


  1. This is really fun! You're working it and that's what makes it work! By the way, is your profile pic a piece of your art work? It's gorgeous! My sons are artists.

  2. I like this! especially the textured tights with the boots! You may have restarted the gogo boots trend.

  3. Balancing the white boots with the white sweater really works!

  4. I am also a huge fan of textured tights.
    Go ahead and sign up for the band and show 'em how it's done!

  5. Elegant~Thanks and no, unfortunatly, I did not do that print. It is by Yuji Hiratsuka, "Slip of Memory". It is even more beautiful in the print.
    Terri~I'm ready to do the go-go boot thing again~
    Still~That's what I thought too. Didn't want these glaring white things on my feet...
    Lisa~I have qquite a collection of tights as you may know!