Monday, October 11, 2010

Finding the Funk

jacket~Ebay $3.00!
Finding the funk; that's what I try to do everyday.  With this outfit, it was a bit of a challenge as it is sort of conservative--the riding look.   It starts to get funky with the jeggings and that flash of pink.  The small boots, winkle pickers they are called, are traditional--on the other hand, the earrings are not!

This riding jacket was a steal--$3.00 (yes three) on ebay.  It was a new Ralph Lauren.  At first I was skeptical,  but when it came in the mail I was pleasantly surprised.  The material is a fine wool, it is lined and the Ralph Lauren tag was still in it!  I'm sort of afraid to know the truth about it (some enslaved people in a third world country turning these out?),'s quite a deal, isn't it?  I know the Elegant Bohemian is drooling right now!

I got the jacket LAST year, as I really needed a longer jacket to go with the jeggings that I had.  This jacket works GREAT for a fall topper, and as it gets cooler, I can warm it up with a scarf, hat and gloves.  HIGHLY RECOMMEND a longer, riding type jacket for anyone that is into the legging thing.

The earrings are the funky touch.  They are honking big but very light and work with the outfit as they are a neutral color.


winkle pickers~Joan & David Couture $$$
My winkle pickers are a little beat up--I have had them for a few years now.  That's what has made them so comfortable, though~

Do you have any funk?

I know many of you will not get the following video: it is British humor.  It is from The Mighty Boosh, a series that was on tv in England.  As I was getting ready, this is what I was thinking of.   


  1. I like this jacket's longer length. I hve a longer black blazer, but not in a riding cut. And the earrings are wonderful. I've some some smaller ones in a similar design, but these are STATEMENTS.

  2. Every part of this outfit totally works. Head to toe...and I like the lived-in look of the boots. They don't look scruffy, they look like they get used.

    And it really looks like you had that jacket tailored for you: perfect length, great fit! What a great deal!

  3. Trying to type and wipe drool at the same time! This jacket is just beautiful and for $3!?!?! Crazy! This entire looks works great for you. I just adore the huge earrings...they look fabulous! PER-FECK-SHUN! ~Serene

  4. Terri~I LOVE this longer length--covers the bum--I like that.
    Still~Thanks! the jacket is a smidgeon small under the arms--so I wear thin shirts underneath but it looks ok!
    Serene~I knew you would love this deal. Can you believe it???

  5. I am so jealous...what a great find! The jacket is perfect and I love the longer length. Terri is right...the entire look is a statement and very stylish. I wish I was skinnier like you two...I am just not confident outside of the house in leggings. But the jacket,earrings,and boots are divine! Now I am off to ebay! $3.00...really?

  6. over50...REALLY, $3.00--I dont get it either...oh, and on the legging thing see still redheaded; she does the jeggings thing too!

  7. I'm loving the longer length of this blazer! You look great in it. And, I love the bit about adding a "funky" touch to any outfit. That's a philosophy I can get behind! So glad to have found you, and thanks for visiting my site earlier!