Sunday, October 24, 2010

Profound Thoughts~Wisdom

Coolidge Point, my photo
There is a book out called, Wisdom: The Greatest Gift One Generation Can Give to Another, by Andrew Zuckerman.  50 people over age 65 imparted their words of wisdom accompanied by a large photo of each.

Imagine the pressure if Andrew Zuckerman came to you and asked for your words of wisdom???  What would you say?  Would you say something for your kids? (Invest wisely) Would you say something for fashion? (Buy in multiples) Would you make light of this profound request and make a joke?  (Invite someone different to tea.) 

And then the photograph.....I would be tempted to make a face, I think.  Do you think the author retouched the photos?  I love Clint Eastwood on the cover in all his wrinkled glory.  (How come guys get to get away with that????)

Wisdom: The Greatest Gift One Generation Can Give to the Another,
 by Andrew Zuckerman 
The wisdom thing is one good thing about getting older.  I like the idea of being a wise, old sage.  And I'd rather dwell on the knowledge and experiences that have enriched my life at this point, than the things that are going south.

Sorry, dear readers if I have left you with a lot of questions to ponder today.  At least I have a few years left before I have to part with my words of wisdom.  But in the meantime, I will be thinking...

Do you have your words of wisdom yet?


  1. Words of wisdom, hmmm.

    I will say that I am personally more at peace than I have ever been in my life. I am sure that there are characteristic phrases I am already remembered for...Many of my characteristic sayings would likely be variations on sayings from "A Course in Miracles."

  2. I would tell my kids (and do), follow your heart and LOVE. It really is all about love! ~Serene

  3. I had never heard of "A Course in Miracles" Terri, so I looked it up and it looks interesting; dates back to the 70's. When were you inspired by it?

    Serene~ I think so too, really. I'm not a total romantic but ultimately, its the only thing that matters.

  4. Uh, it crossed my path in 1994.