Saturday, October 23, 2010

The Mall and the Honking Big Ring

H & M~ $2.95
My girlfriend and I like to meet and catch up at the mall and do a little talking and do a little shopping.

At our age, we all have become pretty adept at shopping.  Our skills take us from the second hand stores to the boutiques trying to find the right fit and the right price.

I have my favorite stores at the mall, and they change--depending what they have put out this season.  I was not surprised to find that many of my faves seem to be producing lower quality stuff--not unexpected in this economy.

What did surprise me was my overall favorite:  (and this is VERY HARD TO SAY)
Great quality, interesting colors and it was looking a little hipper.  Guess their new campaign is paying off~ 

The only thing I bought?  This honking big ring at H & M for $3 bucks.  Love it--the only thing is the plastic makes my finger sweat--ohhhh, the price I have to pay for fashion!

Do you pay the price? 


  1. I have just come across your blog, and find it most interesting. I have been looking for the same shade of grey nail polish lately.
    Un abrazo fron Spain.

  2. ooohhhhh I love the nail polish, good choice. Rimmel steel grey?

  3. I'm not one to pay a price.

    Heels, tight tops, things that itchy or impair my ability to sit or walk, earrings that are heavy - don't usually make it into my wardrobe.

    For some reason stockings don't bother me so I will wear them.

  4. Wow! Talbots? Haven't been in there in a long while. WIll take a second look. Love the ring! (and the nail polish)

  5. Ladies~ The nail polish is by Opi, called, "You don't know Jacques" and I have worn it STEADILY for 3 months now! I saw it in a mag, and my manicureist ordered it for me. It changes colors, depending on the light, but is always a neutral so its fine. I was going to do a post on it--Thanks for noticing!

    Welcome Sacramento! Hope you come back to vistit!
    Emmett~ I like the grey ones too--this color is a little more brown~
    Rose~ I will suffer a bit, but am practical too!
    Still~ Yup Talbots. I almost go in there incognito, but its scarey because I end up talking to the sales people in there more than I do in Zara's. Ew boy~

  6. Nice polish--I love the idea that it changes colors!

    And the ring is awesome. I switched a ring from a ring finger to a forefinger this week and a student stopped me after class to have a closer look!