Monday, October 25, 2010

Office Casual

This was my thinking today:  I wanted a little sparkle yet, I needed to be casual.  This jean jacket and black skirt combo has been a go-to this season, and here is another rendition.  see others here

I dragged out this sparkly top from last year that I got at Cache on sale.  It was a little too low, so I added the scarf.  I love the textured stockings and they are lightweight, so they still work for fall. 

The shoes were the key here for not making it too dressy, I think.  They ARE  clogs, and though many consider them to be a fashion faux pas, nonetheless, they really help to bring this outfit down a notch.  (The office I work at is VERY CASUAL~  construction genre).

Oh, and the coat is THE BEST!  Its roomy enough to wear a blazer under, and is fleece.  It's thrifted; I just had to add the closure on it as it had none.

What was your thinking today?


  1. Paula, this is GORGEOUS on you! The vibrant colors are fantastic and you're right. The tights are so cute with this. I think this may be one of my favorites of yours! ~Serene

  2. I like the patterned tights. (And everything else) But especially the tights. I'm on a big tights kick.

  3. The tights with the skirt/shoes works very well.

    I like the colors in the shirt a lot. Pairing it with the jeans jacket is a good way to avoid looking like a Halloween costume!

  4. These elements work together so well, you look great.

  5. ah, that's my problem, is casual...and yet I need to communicate a sense of authority...tough line to walk. LOVE what you've done here!

  6. Fun! And what a great coat that is -- looks really versatile and sharp as well.

  7. i really like your coat. and the color really suits you!

  8. Serene~the colors came out really good in the photos so that helped also and thanks!
    Vanessa~I'm seeing a lot more variety in tights this year at the disount stores--sometimes I have trouble finding them but not this year!
    I know Rose, I MIGHT have ended up looking like the great pumpkin in the orange--lol!
    Thanks Lisa!
    Still~you do a good job at it too, though. I', really mixing up the tailored stuff with the untailored. And then if I have a dressy shoe, I tone it down on top. Balance.
    Materfamilias~LOVE the coat--its like a blanket.
    Marta~Thanks I love red; I have a winter coat in red too.

  9. The orange is wonderful! And what an excellent coat!