Monday, September 20, 2010


Here is my first rendition of what will be my fave outfit for the fall.  I traded out the white tee-shirt for a fuscia one and added a different pose.  Looks like an altogether different outfit to me!  Once the weather gets cooler, I can add stockings and a scarf.

What you can't see is a really great pair of earrings!  This haircut is not a good earring cut, so my earrings always seem to be hidden.  And as far as jewelry goes, earrings are the only pieces that don't get in my way, so it is almost the only item I buy.  And if I leave home without my earrings, I feel NAKED all day and just out of sync!

What forgotten item makes you feel Naked???


  1. Clothes.

    Just kidding. I'm with you: earrings. It just seems wrong to be out of the house without them.

    'Love the fall uniform. It looks comfortable and stylish, and the shoes/booties are really, really, really great.

  2. You know, over at Advanced Style there was a video a few days ago promoting a class in styling. It featured an older, bolder woman than I, but she claimed to START every outfit with the right pair of earrings.

    I like the fuchsia.

  3. Such a cute outfit. Love how the T-shirt is a longer length -- I've been having a lot of trouble finding ones that are lately.

  4. A-dubs--lol. An earring afficionado also--great! My mom thinks I'm crazy~

    Terri~On advanced style, was that the women that dressed in costume and rode a bike? Love that website tho--
    Oh and thanks for the spelling on fuchsia!

    Karen--I had the same problem last year--none of the tee shirts were long enough; especially with leggings and those damn low jeans. I found these at Target--its that line, Moschino?