Thursday, October 28, 2010

Is that a Bodysuit You're Wearing?

Another really spectacular day here in NE~temperatures in the 70's~just perfect!

And believe it or not, YES, that is a bodysuit I have on!  They are a wonderful rediscovery.  I happened upon them as a solution to the  frustrations with the low rise stuff.  With this new menopausal body, I found I might have muffin top hanging out, or a cold breeze against my stomach or clothes  creeping up to my waist.  I thought, if I went back to a bodysuit...and lo and behold, it worked like a charm!

I bought three bodysuits in different colors and love them again like I did in the 70's.  Just one drawback though; VPL's if you wear them with jeans.

The outfit today--great cotton neutral color jacket, elastic waist cotton skirt, (love the ethnic style print) my shooties, and honking big hoops.

Jacket~Ann Taylor
skirt~Victoria's Secret
bodysuit~dance warehouse

Fall foliage is PEAKING
Do you still wear bodysuits?


  1. It's funny you should mention I've been thinking of leotards lately. Are we speaking the same language?

    I like the diagonal lines on the skirt a lot!

  2. Paula! This is so pretty! I love this combination.....I don't do well with body suits, they just never seem to fit right. But I am four-square for the whole concept. BRILLIANT!!! ~Serene

  3. Was it Donna Karan who said in an interview I read lately that she relied on Wolford black bodysuits as a staple wardrobe item? If not her, another equally influential female designer. Made me think it might be worth picking one up and then here you are, right on trend.

  4. Great outfit, and I love the idea of buying a body suit from a dance store---authentic AND cheaper than the ones from a department store!

  5. Terri~its funny how that happens and I do think we are on the same wave-length...what were you going to wear it with?
    Serene~maybe you have a long torso like me..but the dance ones seem to be more comfortable. But they aren't for everyone! Thanks too~
    Mater~influential designer is good enough for me! Altho I do know that DK is big on body suits and always has been. Thanks~
    Hey Jo, nice to see you here again! Hey, they work for me. I still get a lot of stuff from my dancer's catalog--shrugs, shoes, yoga pants.

  6. I love bodysuits! They are a little annoying when I need to pee, to be honest, but they're all kinds of wonderful underneath skirts. I just feel much more secure.

    About those VPLs, though, what was the word back in the seventies? I mean, was the VPL just not a big deal? I love the look of a bodysuit underneath shorts or jeans, but the VPL always deters me. Maybe I just ought to embrace it!

  7. I LOVE this look. And you can easily wear this in winter by just popping on tights and boots! Love the skirt pattern.

    I haven't worn a body suit in years, but you do have a good point on fit....will have to give one a try.