Friday, October 29, 2010

Another Rendition of Socks and Sandals

jacket & shoes~Marshall's
blouse~Century 21
My motive in dressing today, was to try more of the sandals/socks combinations.  It was to be another mild day, and I am trying to get in all my summer stuff before the long, cold winter.

In order to show my sandal/sock combo off, I chose these capri style jeans.  Not knowing how the weather would go, I dressed in layers; long denim color tee, my fave summer silk blouse and a boiled wool swing jacket.

The socks?  Fish net knee highs!  From the recommendations on my last sock/sandal post, most of you wanted to see a darker sock.  I tried out three: first one too light, second one too dark, and third one was just right. (maybe just a little too dark)

The jacket is a tough one to wear--its a swing coat and it can make me look a little too big on top~if I want to be critical. 

I am going to look for some other socks.....
Socks and Sandals---Make it stop?


  1. I really love the top! I think the jacket works great with it. I know what you mean about trying on 3 different jackets with something. Sometimes decisions are so hard to make! LOL I'm going to pop you an email soon....just feel like chit chatting. ~Serene

  2. Glad to see you go with not only a darker sock, but one that was sheerer. The notion of an almost wooly sock with summer shoes is hard for me to wrap myself around. Yes, I know they make polarfleece socks for wearing with Tevas/Birks, but then we aren't talking about womanly fashion.

    Tip for fishnets w/open toes. I put a pair of nude knee-highs under them. Then your toes can't poke through the netty part.

  3. I am a huge fan of these swing jackets and I like how you've paired it with the silk blouse. I think I've categorized socks and sandals with leopard prints and much I'm trying to break a few of mental boundaries, I doubt that is one combination I'll try.

  4. Thanks Serene and look forward to chatting!
    Rose, I do the nylons underneath also--for the cold mainly. I like the mash-up, break the rules type thing; I'm an old hippie at heart...
    Terri~lol on the trend thing--its fun for me--like to push those boundaries....

  5. nay to the cotton/wool ones, but a big yea to any kind of nylon ones works with sandals. i grew up in the '70s and always liked the look of hose with sandals. it was lovely then and it still is.