Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How I Wore Leopard Today

jacket~ thrifted
tee~ Target
skirt~ Marshall's
clogs~ Marshall's
I'm not a huge fan of the leopard trend; I'm almost over it already.  But I do have some leopard items in my wardrobe so I pulled one of them out.

This leopard knit pencil skirt is very comfortable, although it does require the use of a body-shaper (aka girdle) where the skirt is so slim.  Too bad the skirt isn't just a smidgen larger, but I think it still works.

The jean jacket I chose to tone it down a bit, but I always need color--HENCE the shirt!

And did you notice?  CLOGS AGAIN!  That's another great thing about clogs--they are high and dry out of the rain!

Good thing it was warm enough not to wear stockings because they stick to this skirt~

Are you feeling the leopard trend?


  1. I like the idea of leopard for me, but I'm always concerned about looking like the cliched older woman. This looks GREAT on you. Love styling it with the pop of color.

    I'm sticking with my leopard scarf and flats. (But, then, I haven't been able to find any clothing except a silk leopard dress from Spiegel that I like...and i don't need a silk dress.)

  2. I most definitely do NOT "feel" the leopard trend and keep waiting for it to be over already!

    However, it looks great on you in this pic
    1 You're looking so very slender here and the umbrella is a nice addition.

    Thumbs up on the clogs--I could not have made it through October without mine.

  3. An afterthought--the leopard doesn't cause untoward comments in that construction office where you work, does it?

  4. Cute umbrella! I like the cheerful pattern combined with the leopard. I do love a good leopard print. I feel it's classic, even when it's trendy.

  5. There is something about the happy smile on that lepoard skirt that makes me think all construction-office comments about it are positive.

    I don't usually go for patterned bottoms but paired with the jeans jacket it's a natural.

  6. You look amazing in this skirt...ENVY! You always seem to bring one star to your outfits surrounded by great supporting cast members! I have one leopard long sleeved shirt; one scarf; and one pair of pointy toed flats. I have loved a touch of it for years. But this year, the trend kind of went crazy! I think you did the right thing to go with this is so flattering!

  7. Still~so true, must be careful. Sometimes I picture a dusty, crusty leopard jacket....better in small doses, I agree.
    Terri and Rose~no one in the office today..which i knew and why I could wear it grrrr
    Vanessa, it is a classic! Love anything bright on a rainy day.
    Thanks over50~ the trend DID go crazy this year. I have a sweater also I may did up, but I think it works best with accessories.

  8. I admit -- I LOVE leopard! I've been scared to wear my leopard knit top lately, though, for some of the reasons mentioned above by you and others. I think the skirt looks great, though. I love how you styled it -- I think it would also look awesome with the red top and a long black or brown cardigan, or something like that. Lots of possibilities!