Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ode to Summer

It's that time of year again--I'm hanging onto any piece of summer that I can.  Today, it was hanging on to the colors that inspired my flowers this year--PURPLE AND ORANGE.  Call me crazy, but I love this color combination and I wore it today.

On the color thing, purple and orange are actually complimentary colors meaning they go well together.  This jacket is very purple--in these pictures it looks more blue.  The jacket is a boiled wool with a little belt in back.  (Marshall's--$29.)   

The jacket is more shapely than it appears in this picture, and the tee underneath is actually more of a peach than an orange.  I did try on a more orange top, but it was the wrong shape. 
 My sunglasses are a very light orange--a tinting of the shirt really.  (Sorry about the backlight--will get better with the photos--today was first day outside--)

This was part of my inspiration~I also had annual pots that were orange and purple!

Are you hanging on to summer like me or embracing the fall?


  1. It's gonna be over 80 today, so I mixed fall colors with a summer look. Hoping to get a pic up on my blog today.

    Love that jacket (I'm a sucker for boiled wool jackets)...and you look great in a boatneck top (not a look that works on me.)

  2. Nice combination of colors and pieces. Could you wear tights with those jeans?

  3. So good to see you out of the house and playing with your camera. I have several boiled wool jackets that are BIG favorites of mine, though most of mine aren't vivid color. You're lookin' good.

  4. Too bad it's almost not shorts weather anymore -- those shorts, or pants, or whatever are the perfect length for you!

  5. The knee shorts are absolutely gorgeous on you! I love your bold use of color......you are fearless with your hues and it really works! I'm still playing with my camera too. Got to get the lighting just right.

  6. Purple is actually one of my favorite colors for all times and it really works with orange! The shorts are really great looking! I have lots of purple for fall and though I live in sun city USA, I am happy to jump into a new season....fortunately I can find both of these colors on the other side!!

  7. Still~will check out your post! Boatnecks are very versatile for me--I'm always surprised when they don't work for someone else....
    Lisa~I think they are too tight to wear tights (lol)
    Terri~ Having lots of trouble with the lighting tho~and todays wasnt any better :@
    Rose~My feelings exactly!!!!
    Elegant~and black and white works like a color for you! I think these are pedal pushers or clam diggers from the past~
    Over 50...Love purple also--Ihave a purple front door and took a pic ofthat but didnt post it. Will you be posting outfits in purple? Love to see them!