Thursday, October 14, 2010


Today was not a photo worthy day.  Much like Cinderella, as I was washing the floor, I thought of Alice, my paper-doll friend here, and what her fairy godmother might do be able to do for her (and me).

Course nowadays, we don't have the fairy godmother ball, but we do have the Oscars and all the other red carpet events.  I fell in love with this Oscar de la Renta gown when I saw it at first at Jessica Quirks blog, What I Wore, for New York Fashion Week.  Absolutely TO DIE FOR!   Oh, and Mr. de la Renta, please excuse my rendering. 

I think all of us have those not-worthy-for- fashion-diary post days, so in lieu of that, I'd love you to start thinking of what YOU might like to wear to the Oscars!  (or any other red carpet event that may come up!)  Send me a link to your favorite dress, I will draw and dress Alice in it.  At the time of the event, all my followers will vote for their favorite look for Alice to wear.  I will post the winning look!

Are we game?


  1. Absolutely anything Valentino! My alltime favorite designer! BTW, I love Cinderella!

  2. I'll play. I loved Jill Biden's Inaugural dress, but have to confess that I don't recall the designer's name.

  3. Hi, I want vintage Versace.
    Love your pick Paula

  4. Great--we'll all play! Thanks Lisa, Terri and Serene!