Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Obi Tie

I thought today I would have a pile of clothes to show you, along with my unsuccessful attempts at this outfit.  You may remember this look from my inspiration board post;  it was a look taken from the J Crew Catalog. 

I went for a real punch of color today AND a new accessory, this obi belt.  (H&M on sale, $5.00)  Now, in the inspiration picture, she had her shirt tucked in, but that did not work with these jeans, as they have a lot of detail near the waist.  I will show you the jeans in more detail tomorrow, but for now its about this obi thing going on.  I liked the shirt (Issac Mizrahi, thrifted) well enough outside, and really pushed the envelope with the pink jacket.  I also could have rolled up the sleeves on the striped shirt~it would have looked cool also.  But I have some chutzpah, so I went with it.

My skinny jeans are a staple for me;  I know they don't work for everyone, and I think bootleg jeans could work here also.  More on jeans tomorrow.

Oh, and my shoes--the best little open-toe 1.5" wedge; wish I had more!  Perfect shoe for the warmer fall days.  (Marshall's, last year)

Think this is too much or is it too much fun??


  1. It's too much FUN. I love obi belts and I'm wondering if H&M still have them on sale. I ordered a leather one on Etsy this summer, all the way from England, but I won't be wearing it until November. Zoe at Haiku Ambulance has one she wears a lot! I've had shoes very similar to these and find them comfortable, especially in the classroom.

    I look forward to your post on jeans. I haven't taken the leap to skinnies though my daughters say I'd look great. Bootcut has been my fit for more years than I'll admit. :)

  2. Love the obi belt with that blouse!

    Looking forward to your jeans post.

  3. Terri~last year Newport News had a TON of obi ties made out of material, rather than leather, in a miriad of colors and very reasonable too! I should have bought them all, but missed the boat on that one.

    Still Redheaded~ Thanks oh and I finally posted on your blog--I'm sorry it took me so long--I love it!