Sunday, September 19, 2010

Profound Thought # 5--Disconnect

I've been blogging with other fashionistas over 50 talking about this disconnect thing.   It's that disconnect you feel when you see a body that doesn't fit with the face.  It could be an older face with clothes that are too young, or shorts that are too short, or a body that just is in DAMN GOOD SHAPE! 

This phenomenon really makes me question the whole society thing, and how we (over 50+ers) are starting to not fit in.  Gone are the days when one could be and "old sage", or respected for being a master craftsman.  And in the fashion field--one wrinkle and your OUT!  The only solution to avoid this is to make that appointment with the plastic surgeon.  Or, like in my blog, go headless in my pictures.

I probably won't opt for either of those solutions-I'm not being chased by the paparazzi and I feel that I can test out styles to see if they look connected only by having my head on.  I'm going to keep plugging away, and maybe there will be the "disconnect" thing just a little bit less if people see us over 50  fashionistas just a little bit more.



  1. I was going to do a blog post about this, but here goes.

    Several years ago, I was in the habit of wearing my cowboy boots to teach. One day on my way home, I stopped to pick up a few groceries at the local Walmart. I had on my Levi's and a fitted western style shirt. I felt a tap on my shoulder and looked into the face of a tired working man. His face displayed surprise. He wanted to tell me how great I had looked walking in, but he was visibly dismayed to realize how old I was.

    Frankly, I felt pleasantly surprised. And thinking how I might describe this encounter to my husband (a jealous man), I continued shopping. I encountered the man again, who this time apologized, if he had offended me in ANY way.

  2. I'm routinely pegged as much younger than I am because I'm lucky enough to have really great genes (my almost 80yr old mom could pass for 60 or younger).

    But I do have issues with the "clothes too young" thing. I'm constantly reminding myself that I'm over 50 and MAYBE certain looks are too 'junior' for me. It's a constant question: what crosses the line and makes me look older (says the 52 year old wearing a spaghetti strap maxi dress today)?

  3. Terri and Still Redheaded~I have heard and shared many similar stories myself. I guess its a GOOD thing--but as Still Redhead says, we still question the age appropriate thing even tho most parts look younger. Sometimes I find it is a really fragile balance, and sometimes I say, screw it and wear what I want! Would love to see you in that spaghetti strap maxi, Still Redhead!

  4. I sure agree. More days than not, I feel it's a fragile balance! The number of clothes in my closet that seem "just right" & not too quesionable are very few & getting smaller all the time. Really dread shopping & it's no wonder -- I usually come home empty handed or end up returning the few things I do buy. And the noticeable lack of quality in some of the merchandise at stores I've favored in the past doesn't help either. Has anyone else noticed this lately? So frustrating!

  5. I threw the dress on after spending all afternoon Sunday staining my deck...I looked and felt exhausted, so no picture...but, I'll put it on again this week and put a pic up on my blog :

  6. Karen, I hear you, gf!!! All of those reasons are why I started this blog~maybe someday I'll have a store/web with the fashions that are quality and look good on us. If I can get more people interested and prove that there is interest out there, I'm hoping.....

    Still Redheaded...GREAT, I'll drop by!