Saturday, September 18, 2010

Befuddled and Agog

Two words that explain a few images I have seen this week: befuddled and agog!  There is so much to say about these images, and yet I am at a loss!

This first picture is of the stirrup look we remember from those fabulous 80's--WHY WOULD THIS COME BACK???  Is there anyone out there that likes this look?  Please let me know---

Victoria's Secret

 The next look is also a throw back from the eighties--the JUMPSUIT.  Jumpsuits themselves can be okay, but this one, JUST LEAVES ME WONDERING!!!!!

Rachel Roy
Getty Image

And then this poor picture of Cher.  I mean, what can I say???  On the one hand, I have to give her kudos--and on the other, it's just sort of sad.

And I leave you with those thoughts until tomorrow.....


  1. I ponder this too. The only thing I can figure is that most younger consumers don't remember wearing these things. I could sort of understand the stirrup pants--if you covered the stirrup with a spat or a high wooly sock.

    I've watched the romper thing all summer and can't stop thinking of the horrible one piece gym suits I was obliged to wear in middle school.

    As for Cher, onstage with Gage, I can see a context of "passing the baton" to a younger performer.

  2. aaargh, I meant Gaga!

  3. All I can say is ugh, ugh, and ugh! I'll be sitting these trends out, thank you very much.

  4. Terri~ I think you are right about the young'ins never having seen it before. The place for stirrup pants, imo, is in boots, or as you say also, under something else.

    Those gym suits were ugly, weren't they? Our collective memory for the jumpsuit says, nooooo!

    Just think of how many surgeries it took for Cher to pass that

    frumpfactor--I'll be sitting with you, gf!