Wednesday, September 22, 2010

High Rise Jeans

I just don't think there is any way around it for me--I need high waisted/high rise jeans!  With the onset of menopause, I have this new spare tire around my hips and the low rise jeans do nothing but remind me of this by the most unfortunate fashion faux-pas: the muffin top. I am also SO TIRED of having to pull up my low rise jeans. Furthermore, now that I am no longer in a two piece bathing suit, any display of skin is WHITE AS SNOW!   Not a pretty look.

Which is why I say--its only high rise for me.  And the difficulty in this is, since the Jessica Simpson debacle with the high waisted jean, there is hardly a pair to be had in the retail world now.  But luckily, I bought any and all pairs before they went the way of the dodo bird.  This pair is from Cache, and really is pure genius!  It comes to the waist, but all the detail makes it look like it is a low rise jean--brilliant!  The pair I wore yesterday, were the same idea--just skinny leg.

Vigoss Jean at Alloy--now not available!  Sorry~

And so here we are again--the frustrated consumers with money to spend and not a decent jean in sight!  (Note:  I do know many women that do love Not your Daughter's Jeans and  Levi's 5 Pocket, but I like the designer types)  There are a few on line places like Zafu, that can find your designer brand for you, and a custom design jean on-line store, but all are very pricey.  Oh, and at Marshall's the other day I DID see lots of trouser jeans--very chic--but a little more office casual than jean--but still another option.

Are we all on the same page here with the Jean Thing??? 


  1. I love a trouser jean....I hate "Not Your Daughter's" jeans (I have a fairly flat stomach for plus sizes and NYD has too much fabric in the rise for me).

    I don't do low rise, but a medium rise works best for me. I carry my weight in my rear and thighs and most plus sizes assume you have a belly, so finding a decent fit is tough. I do best in Sevens or Nordstrom's house brand.

    If I wore a high rise as high I probably would show a bit of belly.

    Of course, my body keeps changing as I get further along in keep having to try differnt things all the time.

  2. Hi There! I have given you the Versatile Blogger Award. Please stop by my blog to pick it up when you have time.


  3. Still Redheaded~ You are a lucky girl not to have a belly! I know what you mean about how a higher rise gives more of a silhouette of a pouch--but I have to take that over the uncomfortable feeling of the muffin top--and its like yeast--it just keeps growing! lol. sometimes there are no easy solutions...


  4. Congratulations on your award. You are looking great in these jeans. I think most of mine are high rise, but that's the way I've preferred them most of my life.

  5. I sure get your drift on the midriff issue. While I think I'm in pretty darned good shape, I'll never get used to looking at THAT expanding section. When I look in the mirror at that middle part & my upper arms I swear they can't be mine. I've been wearing Gap Perfect Boot fit jeans but I admit to needing to tug them up throughout the day. ;)