Friday, September 17, 2010

Just a Read-Through

I'm trying out this lace trend~I have to say, I am not totally on-board with it.   Lace can make a 50+er look like an VERY old lady really quickly!  To minimize the risk, I picked up this lace top at a second hand store.  I liked the fact it was in a color--might give me more options. 

I paired it with a vest; I figured this would be the best option.  Toned it down with simple jeans and easy slip on shoes~and its okay.  Probably won't be buying much of the lace this year!

Oh, and I always have slip on platform shoes for the fall--platforms to keep my feet from getting wet in the fall rain and slip on's--well because they are so EASY!

What's your take on this lace trend?
Tsubo slip-ons


  1. I like the shoes quite a lot.

    I know what you mean about the lace tops. I've had a black one that I've been working with all summer, but nothing I do makes it look right.

  2. Thanks for showing the slip-ons up close; they look so comfy. Also like the jeans a lot -- nice length & wash -- could you share what brand they are? The vest is cute too!

  3. Terri~and I find the black and white lace are even HARDER to work with. Victorias Secret had some cute ones, but I'll pass now!

    Karen~I will get better posting the brands and stores--those jeans are Buffalo Jeans is it? Couldn't see all of the tag as I had to alter the waist/hips as they were falling down all the time! They are at least 5 years old. And the vest is fleece from Marshalls. Thanks!

  4. Love the shoes, too.

    And I've had a cream stretch lace top that I just can't get to work. It just looks too cutesy for me. At least it doesn't look too mumsey.

  5. Lauri~thanks and cute and 50+ will be something I will address in the future...