Thursday, September 16, 2010

Every Outfit Tells a Story

Don't you always have a story behind your outfit?  Either how you came to buy it, or the difficulty in finding it, or how it is your fave outfit now, etc., etc., etc.

And this outfit is no different! You may remember this outfit from my inspiration wall~I already had the jacket and tee shirts;  I just needed to find the perfect black skirt.  Well, I searched and the black skirt became ELUSIVE.  They were pencil, wrong fabric, too short--couldn't find it.  Then WALAH!  Finally found it at Zara's--had the fullness I wanted, and  I just had to go up a size to get the length right.  (note to self--must fix the hem also) 

I went for the basic color today, but I know there will be many renditions of this in the future and I will be adding some color.  I did try some accouterments~a scarf and a necklace, but neither did it for me--they were too EXPECTED.

OH, so I had to put some color in SOMETHING~so notice the Earrings--did I tell you about my hoops?  LOVE HOOPS; and as an added bonus, I will go to a bead store and buy beads to slip on--sort of like the Pandora bead thing--if you do this tho, just make sure the hole in the bead is big enough for your earring!  (speaking from experience!) 

So there is my story; what's yours?


  1. Looks great...
    (LOL- they were too expected!!!)

  2. I love the earrings (and I too have purchased beads with holes bored too small:)! I have so many t-shirts and a favorite jacket or two. I would probably play with belting over the t-shirt.

  3. Super cute skirt. Earrings -- gorgeous!

  4. Lisa~I can't help it--always trying to be different!

    Terri~I have many Jackets--great for work and we need them up here in the NE. Belt over the t-shirt.....I'll have to try that next time! Thanks!

    Karen~I'm so glad I found this skirt--it actually looks better in person and has a nice girly swing to it! Thanks~

  5. Love the bead on the hoop earring idea. I love hoops and beads - just never thought to put them together. You're a genius!