Thursday, September 23, 2010

Mullet Styling

Top: Victoria's Secret
Bottom: Thrifted
I thought I would be posting a fall outfit today, but the weather changed my mind.  Could be Indian Summer here--it's been warm, and I just couldn't post the fall outfit, but you will see it in due time!

The outfit I wore today comes from someone else's suggestion on simplifying your work wardrobe--black/white top; printed skirt.  I love this model.  It simplifies getting ready in the morning by not having to think of a top really, and gives me the fun creative spirit on the bottom.  Sort of like a mullet--business on top, party on the bottom. (I can't take credit for that euphemism-heard it on Project Runway

The top presented problems though--I had to alter it.  The damn thing was TOO LOW, as per usual.  I  added  a lace insert into the "v", in order to make it work appropriate.

The shoes are a real cheat--I had to change them out later.

Anyone have their easy dressing for work they would like to share?


  1. Hmm, well, my easy dressing would typically be the midi-skirt and an ironed blouse. I've been working to break out of that routine and yesterday, a colleague NOTICED!

    I really like the print on this skirt and can see a lot of ways it could go. Clever title, BTW.

  2. Terri~no doubt those legs of yours got you noticed! Change is good~