Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fashion Bonding

You guys are really lucky today! You get three photos of me trying out new poses~the first two are (alleged) jazz dance poses. I was just getting tired of the same old pose!
Down to business: I had a great Fashion Bonding day today. Isn't it great when you have that AHA moment with someone over Fashion? (It's like in Avatar, when they connect their ponytails and their irises all get all big). I had a few of those moments today and it just made me all warm inside! It happened with a 50+, it happened with some youngin's; it crosses all boundaries. It's a beautiful thing!
This outfit started some of it--the dress is perfect for my body shape--the empire waist. Love the print and the colors. This is a great cardigan that comes in soooo handy for bingo arms. If my legs are looking a little funny it's because I have fishnets on--legs weren't looking in top shape so I had to cheat. I wear fishnets in the summer--have ALL colors and they are better than nylons!!! And these are great platform sandals. I think all of the items I got at Marshall's.

So have you Fashion Bonded today?


  1. Of course you fashion bonded, that dress is fabulous and modern. It's easy to see how you could do lots of fun things with it. Love the idea of using fishnets to hide the legs.

    One thing I like about your "boring" pose is that you can really see the clothes and the proportions.

  2. I think the bonding might have gotten rolling at the salon!
    My fave pose is the top right, your dancing experience is showing!!
    Love the dress....

  3. Nancy~so true with the pose thing. I get so frustrated sometimes with fashion mags because they have a wierd pose that dosent show the outfit! So I agree! Thanks!

    Lisa, yes, much bonding at the salon~but my dance teacher would probably cringe at the poses...Thanks!

  4. what a great dress!

  5. Thanks Terri! It's the style that works best for me, the empire waist. If I see a dress with this shape; I GRAB IT!