Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Muffler Set

Does anyone remember these? They were muffler sets--and what prompted this memory and this drawing were two things: I just read Love, Loss and What I Wore, by Ilene Beckerman AND an old movie last night, Dark Journey with Vivien Leigh (1937). In the movie, of course Vivien had the grown up versions--LEOPARD! I had the junior version, mine was brown fur with a red flower.

The book is very cute--it has illustrations of the outfits she wore and the events related to them. Isn't it amazing how well we remember our clothes from way back?

What clothes do you remember?


  1. First of all I love it when you post your sketches!
    As for remembering what I wore, one favorite dress comes to mind. Frilly and white with a blue waist ribbon tie. Go figure!?

  2. Every school picture I have up to the 6th grade has me in a plaid dress. My mother must have LOVED me in plaid.

    But my favorite dress was a Christmas present from my grandparents: a white organza skirt and a green velvet bodice. With my redhair, I felt like a princess! (I think I was about 9.)

  3. Yes, I remember complete outfits including shoes back to about 2nd grade. And with a lot of attention to even small details, too, which still seem very clear. It's a strange thing!

    I had a white furry hat that tied under the chin and a matching muffler.

  4. Lisa~ Thanks and I will try and post a sketch evrey week!

    Still Red-Headed~I think I had the same plaid dresses! Must have been the thing back then.

    Karen, so you had one too! Ah, those memories~