Friday, September 10, 2010

Why Fix It?

Sorry ladies, but I had to have both these pics today! The smiley photo is a better head shot, but the other photo is a better pose shot! Just bear with me while I get these photos right~

So you are probably getting pretty bored now with my "uniform"; skirt and jacket/top. This works for me, and it makes getting ready in the morning EASY. I still embrace color and will try something new, but as long as this works, WHY FIX IT?
This jean jacket will be a staple of my fall wardrobe.
Love the batik skirt that was a major find at a local second hand store, and of course, my added pop of color in my tee shirt! Oh, and those Zara cloth sandals have hung in there all season, but they are about done. LOVED THEM and will miss them.

What is your uniform and is it time for a change?


  1. My summer uniform is SO similar. Wore flip-flops all this summer, but I'm thinking next year a pair of saltwater sandals will be in order.

  2. Hi Terri! You sound like me--I am already thinking of what I can do to change up my uniform just a little bit! Skirts are sooo much easier, aren't they?