Monday, August 23, 2010

The Rebel

One thing that really motivates how I will dress for the day is color. Today, it was 61 in Boston--rainy and grey. So being the old rebellious hippie that I am, I HAD to dress in a bright color. The pink jacket is a thrift find (I cut the sleeves off), a purple silk sweater and cropped jeans with platform sandals.

Pink can be a tricky color for us over 50--too much pastel and you slip into RV land. The brighter the pink the better and I try and toughen it up--here I did the sandals and really pushed the color quotient with the purple. I was a bright spot in a world of grey today!
For more on the pink issue, see


  1. lol - RV land :)

    Great outfit & love all the COLOR.

  2. I wore bright orange with champagne today.
    Your palette looks great!

  3. Thanks to you both and I'm proud of you Lisa!