Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Layering will be the way to go over the next few months--cool in the mornings, shedding clothes in the afternoon, then bundling up at night. I know this vest will be a go-to source through out the fall! This former jacket was also a thrift find-- and I took off the sleeves. Skirt was a thrift find also, and I debated whether I would buy a floral skirt or this graphic print. Geometric designs, for me as I've said, feel not so aging.
Next time I will NOT tuck in the shirt. Old habits die hard....
Please ignore the confused look in front of the camera!


  1. Your expression is hilarious!
    I couldn't pull off this full skirt but you wear it well.
    Did you finish the sleeves on the vest or leave them raw?

  2. Why couldn't you pull off this full skirt?

    the sleeves? Yes, left them raw--It's in now, so I can get away with it and it SAVES A LOT OF TIME!!