Wednesday, August 25, 2010

What I WON'T Be Wearing

Heralding in the new season, are a lot of SCARY style pants out there, IE, camo, harem, cropped, "sweatpant trousers", cargo, slouchy, etc. How about a pair of camo, cropped cargo's???? Not for us over 50! More:

What I'm excited about are TONS of jean stretchy legging/skinny styles, which I couldn't find at all last year! I know leggings/skinny jeans aren't for everyone, but with some editing, they can be a staple of any one's wardrobe.
Are we a Yea or a Nay on leggings/skinny jeans?


  1. I'm a tentative yea on skinny jeans having just purchased my first pair. But jeggings are harder for me to do. The fake pockets bother me.

  2. I like the look of leggings - on the right legs - but I haven't decided if my legs fit the bill & haven't felt ready to try them yet. Skinny jeans - yes, have a pair of cropped ones that I didn't think I would like, but quickly grew to love. I think the key with these is wearing them with just the right shoe & that's not always the easiest thing to figure out. Are you wearing yours with clogs in the picture? They look cute.

  3. Why can't there be a way to make sweat pant trousers acceptable to leave the house in...they look sooo cozy!

  4. A Dubs--lol on the fake pocket thing! I have a pair that has REAL pockets!!!!

    Karen--I agree; its all about the right shoes! The cropped skinny ones can be a very sexy look-thinking Audrey Hepburn here...
    Oh, yeah, you found me out on the clogs--I love them but see this post about all the negatives :
    and see the previous post in January about clogs--so we'll dish about that at a later date!

    Lisa--I know, right? Its always the baggy bum--they can look great in the front, and then serious bum issues.

  5. What I won't be wearing...the fall trend of thick wool socks with strappy high-heeled summer sandals!! Hi Paula :-)

  6. lol, but I disagree with those negative clog postings & am quite glad to see "they're back."

  7. Hi Carla~ I LIKE the wool socks with the Sandals!!! I wore them last year too~altho I have to admit, I was worried someone might think I was a crazy old lady.....

    Karen, I know huh? My girlfriend and I always search out the cool clogs--we love 'em and have for a long time...they are great for watching muddy sport games in the spring and fall--you just can't kill those suckers! And with an above the knee jean skirt--if you dare....