Sunday, March 2, 2014

Channeling my Inner Sixteen Year Old

One of the most stupid things that made me happy this week were these boots:

gold glitter boots--Wet Seal $14.00
Yes, they are gold glitter boots that I bought at the teen store Wet Seal.  Now I bought them for slippers ONLY to be worn at home, but I have to tell you.  THEY MAKE ME HAPPY!  They sparkle at me.  I get giddy with joy.  How silly.  And that got me to thinking.....

What is it about glittery stuff that 
makes us girls so happy?

Little girls like glitter, big girls like glitter.
It certainly does NOT come from my youth. I mean back then, there was no glitter in the teen department at Jordan Marsh (now Macy's).

It could be the youthful thing.  Like I wanted to be 16 again. That got me a little worried because, as you know, I wear the short skirts.  Like the young girls.

 Am I  regressing?

OOTW video

Actually, I just want to have FUN with dressing.  Let's not take fashion/style so seriously people!

Anyone want to take a guess as to why so many girls like glitter?



  1. Glitter is good, we could all use a little more glitter in our lives : > Cute shoes.

  2. I love a little sparkle every now and is always appropriate!!

  3. I agree…fashion is meant to be fun and make you feel happy. I can see why sparkly boots do it.

    What they now need is the magical ability of the ruby slippers to transport you away from winter.

    I LOVE that necklace!

    Rebel away : ) Better to be a rebel than forgotten I say.


  4. I love glitter!!! I always think glam & sparkle go together :)

  5. Dunno why we love glitter- Good question - It makes me happy that i know - I love glitter sneakers, that you can wear outside the home, non?
    I wore them at work once !
    I will e-mail you soon


  6. Having fun at home with glittery slippers sounds good to me. Why not have fun with style no matter the location! Love your video!

  7. Glitter was our first glamour! And glitter looks like magic! No, you're not regressing ... you're responding to our modern collective female mythology! If it sparkles, wear it! Of course you love them. Why wouldn't you!? So cute, really.

  8. Clothing should make us happy! I can remember having a top with sequins as a little girl and just sitting and starting at how pretty it was! Hee! My blog is called "Fashion Should Be Fun" because for me, that's really what it's all about.
    Dawn Lucy

  9. Anything glitters girls like....

    Mark Wahlberg Contraband Distressed Brown Genuine Leather Jacket. $169.99.

  10. Ha ha ha, I love the sound effect you put in the video when you mentioned you're a radical. Perfect touch. Your indoor and outdoor selves will soon merge in springtime, although you have been to Florida so I'm not too worried about your sartorial health. Great outfits. Big blasts of blue. Love it all.

  11. Cute boots, these would make me smile!