Sunday, December 8, 2013

Fur and Cotton

This week it's all about cotton and fur.  Well, fake fur that is.  I'm still in denial of winter, so I am mixing winter fabrics with summer.

Even fake fur comes in handy in NE where there are more than 100 days below freezing.  Although I have gone to fake now, I must confess I have some real furs still hanging around.  It has become politically incorrect to wear real fur in Boston--and I can feel the tension when I wear one.  (disclaimer:all of my real furs are over 25 years old--could that be a disclaimer?) 

For those of you who would like to see more of my sketches, here is the one from this week.

I have lots of fake fur stuff; fur clogs, fur scarfs, fur hats, fur vests, fur coats, fur headbands, fur gloves.  My girlfriend calls my fur outfit crazy-ass; but seriously, not as crazy as this fur skirt. (actually, I'm starting to really like this fur skirt/dress whatever it is...)

fur skirt!
I'm pretty sure this is Ulyana Sergeenko but there was no credit for photo in Pinterest.

Do you still wear real fur?  Do you wear fur at all?  Am I crazy-ass? 


  1. Love the black and white dress, Paula! Great fit and the Pinterest sketch is really cool! Have a great week!

  2. Oh, love that faux fur vest, Paula. And your videos are so much fun to watch, including when your cute pup shows up. I don't wear real fur, it makes me uncomfortable about its origins. I do love faux fur though and wish it would cool off down here so I could wear a scrap of it. xo

    1. glad you are enjoying the videos; I'm having fun making them.
      Lol; a scrap would be all that you would be fun!

  3. I'm not against fur, especially vintage fur. Personally, I just don't like the feel of it. Love faux, but just too hot here for that. You look super cute!

  4. What a cool sketch Paula!!
    Love all your looks and your furs, but the black and white dress look is my fav. And the video is definitely a plus.

    I love fur, being a vegetarian for conviction that puts me sometimes in a gray space. I wear faux fur, faux leather, (besides there's some great faux now), but despite it makes me feel awkward, I can't say I'm against vintage fur, I guess I can understand how were things back then. What I'm against for is the violence how animals are treated, the massive killing and things like that...

    Thanks so much for linking!

  5. I enjoy fake fur quite a bit. I can not afford real fur, so it is not an issue for me. You look fabulous Paula :D) m.b.

  6. I had a fox fur collar on a coat when I was about 12, but have never owned any other fur. The new faux furs look so good, who needs real fur?

    That skirt is amazing!

  7. The morality of wearing fur creates a conflict to me, although I haven't quite developed such resentment that I am ready to discard my late grandmother's silver fox cape. However, I prefer us to fake this trend! I have such difficulty coming to terms with breeding any kind of animal for purposes of fulfilling vanity only. Eating meat can perhaps be justified, but killing a little furry animal purely for having it's pelt as a collar or coat, doesn't go well with me. Any way, love your faux fur, and the Polka dot skirt is awesome!

  8. Oh my…that skirt is incredible.

    I don't care for real fur personally lots of people rationalize vintage furs. I love wearing the fake stuff though.

    Your dog was hilarious! I love the little fur vest you were wearing.


    1. That's my favorite too--although I do have a leopard fur jacket that I am loving too this year--it may be in future video. xoxo

  9. HI Paula! Awwww! i love your videos! love your voice, you seriously good earn your living with that voice!
    I have a lot of everything me! trying to spend less, want to stop working one of those days or work part time, i find i have no motivation for work these days!
    Love the mix of summer print and winter items, those are my fav combinations
    Will get myself a tripod for my iphone and do more videos soon!



  10. So fun to hear your lovely voice and your video was fabulous. That fur skirt is quite amazing! I love faux fur, and have a few pieces that I enjoy wearing.