Sunday, November 17, 2013

And Now for Something Completly Different...

This week I've had to move inside as it was too windy and cold outside to set up the tripod.  This prompted me to change my whole format, for this week anyway.  
I'm taking this from Fashion Police, 
" and now for the top 6 must see 
looks of the week"....

Here we go:

Saturday nite date night outfit.
1.  Pleather skirt and wool boucle jacket.

Casual Sunday football/yodeling outfit.
2.  This Asos top is a perfect tunic.  A little ethnic;  I think it is meant to be a dress...great quality sweatshirt cotton material.  A definite keeper and constant go-to-stay-at-home look.

Leggings, tunic. sweater and blazer
3.  This was my experimental layering look of the week.  I was going for a sweater OVER a tunic.  Very difficult to get the proportions right but I will keep on trying!

4.  Another attempt at the layering look.

Leggings, tunic and vest.
5.  This may have looked better 

Red stockings put sparkle in ANY outfit!
5.  Spring sweater and wool chalis skirt.

The best of the week in my opinion?  #4; I think this proportion works.
The worst?   #5; Does not look good in photos!
What do you think?

Oh, and Happy Birthday to me!  Yup, I turned 
fifty-niner this week and proud of it!  I am no longer wasting my time getting depressed over age, as I have in the past.  I am proud and thankful to be fifty-nine.  Time is running out is my mantra!

Hooking up with Patti's Visible Monday.  



  1. Hi Paula, all of these outfits are fun! You know how to bring color together. I hope you are well and have a great week ahead.

  2. Happy birthday, age twin (we're just a few months apart)! Love your mantra. And all these looks are cool; I think my personal fave is the ASOS tunic with printed tights. Thanks for sharing all the fabulous-ness with Visible Monday.

  3. Brilliant layering. Happy 59, Paula!!!

  4. Happy Birthday, Paula! You do not look 59, but even if you did, so what?

    I can't pick a favorite, so I'll agree with you - #4.

  5. Oh, 59! Happy birthday, Paula!! Happiness, health, passion for you in this new year of life.
    My favourite outfit is your least favourite. Ha ha. I like the layering and I think it looks schwell. Try a sassy leetle beret wiz eet. Although the hat would suit outdoors better... Great indoor shots though.

    1. Love berets--will take you up on that!

  6. Happy Birthday!! Number 4 is my hands down favorite!! You look stunning! Big hugs to you! Serene

    1. Thanks Serene and so good to hear from you! xoxo

  7. Happy Birrthday Paula!! You look amazing in every outfit but #4 is my fav!!

  8. Happy Birthday pretty lady! I hope you bought yourself something nice - yes, you are allowed to give yourself presents!
    I really love looks #1 and #4. Not crazy about #2 but you're far from being the Fash-hole of the Week ;-)


    1. Ahhh i see you watch fashion police also!!! Xoxo

  9. Happy Birthday! I swear to you that it doesn't even begin to be fun until you hit 60! The numbers have ceased to bother me ... other stuff does! Kidding. It does get to be more fun each year if you let it!
    You look beautiful or adorable, depending on whether your outfit is casual or more studied and formal. Sometimes both at the same time. Layering in harder than it looks! Proportion: if I understood it in terms of my own figure, I'd do it better! You get it, you're doing great!
    Yodel much? Really?

  10. Happy 59th!

    Ha ha. I had to laugh because I picked #5 as my favourite. I think it is all the brighter colours. I love me some colour : )


    1. That was my second favorite; and i felt great in it! Xoxo

  11. Great skirt in the first photo. You are indeed very resourceful and creative. Congrats on all that!!! Cool.

  12. Happy birthday! I love that the doggie is photobombing from different angles.

    1. She photobombs ALL the time! I was wondering when someone was going to notice!

  13. Happy Birthday Paula!!!! And many more.

    Great layering! I don't have a favorite because I find each outfit creative and I always love how you use color.