Sunday, December 11, 2011

Going a Bit Too Far?

I've probably gone too far.  Not only do I have this very unusual jacket, but I really went over the top with the short skirt, the textured stockings and the high, white boots.  Forgive me but I JUST HAD TO DO IT!  I knew it was (sort-of) wrong, but sometimes I need to break out--and what better time than Visible Monday!

And would you like the skinny on my experience with microderm?  I worked at a spa, and for about a year and a half I got it for free!  The aesthetician was fantastic but for me it was a bit too much.  (A bit like this outfit, LOL!)  The concept of removing the dead skin cells is a sound one--but as I don't have any skin concerns (i.e. acne, rosacia ), a gycolic peel works just fine for me.  And microderm is expensive.  I would recommend the lesser of the 2 extremes, the peels, before going for the full monty.   


  1. You've earned the right to go "too far" as often as you want, because you always come up with such creative combos! I actually think that looks pretty good, though I can picture it with a slightly longer skirt. I don't think that means the stockings are too much, though. For me, there's something about the proportions. (Or maybe my bias toward knee-length skirts is showing!) But I think the colors and styles blend beautifully, actually.

  2. You can totally do it, Paula, and you look very chic and confident. You're still perfectly covered-up and appropriate, but you're letting your personal style shine through.

    Thanks for linking up to Visible Monday - you started it off with a sizzle!

  3. This jacket is seriously cool and you really pulled off the total look! As always, you look fantastic Paula!!

  4. You look gorgeous in this dress. What is lacking is a long necklace ^_^

    Visible Monday

  5. I love the dress with the patterned tights. You have such nice legs why shouldn't you show them off? Sometimes one does have to try something new and clothing is a fun way to experiment.

  6. I don't think you've overdone it at all, Patti! You look awesome! Love the tights.

  7. it's not too much at all, in fact I think it's a lovely outfit, the tights are so petty with the short skirt and boots. The jacket is fun with the bright color ruffles too. You look fabulous!


  8. You look great! The jacket is so colorful and unusual, and it's showcased on a neutral background. What's not to love?

  9. Love the jacket! And girl, you just do what you like. You look far too young for your age anyway with that amazing skin and body! I actually think you look fabulous. Dreessing is all about fun and you seem to have lots of that!

  10. I remember this jacket!! I fell in love with it the last time you wore it. I think I commented that it would look good with gray jeans, but you have done it much, much better with this outfit. I don't think it is over the top at all. I think it is fabulously stylish and it looks absolutley like 'Paula'. You have such a great figure and such beautiful legs.

  11. I love all these colors and textures. You look beautiful!

    I am back from hibernation and have a giveaway, hope you will come check it out ;)

  12. You never go too far. The jacket looks beautiful against the other lighter colors. You are so creative.

    As for microderm, I've heard similar stories. Not for me.

  13. Is that a peplum I see on that jacket? Meanwhile, you're in my peplum story on the Huffington Post today

  14. Well, I think you look fantastic! You carry the look off beautifully.

    It's kind of sad how we're always second-guessing ourselves for "going too far," but maybe that's what keeps us from going TOO far over the top!:)


    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life

  15. Did you have go-go boots as a girl? Maybe this is your chance to have a happy childhood.

  16. I think you look fantastic!!

  17. You got Microdermabrasion for FREE??! WOW! What a perk of the job! lol I haven't tried peels but I do like Microdermabrasion, my skin always looks so good after I get it done. And you are right, it's not cheap ($80.00-$100.00).


  18. Go, go girl you do not do often enough! neutral plus color it is fine, it is fabulous- i love it, and suits you so well, you can not imagine girl! As for beauty products - i know the products at spas are a lot better - My daughter in law works in a spa and she made me try some really good stuff. My skin is very sensitive, allergic and reactiv so i have to be careful. Right now i am a bit careful money wise being on sick leave so for the time being i use a basic day cream plus essential oils, works fine for me -


    Paula you are featured on that Web site!

  20. Paula, I completely disagree! I don't think this is too far at all! In fact, I think it's gorgeous! The jacket is just stunning and the rest of the outfit is pretty neutral...even the textured tights are in a neutral tone. I ADORE it and the water colors on the jacket really suit you. BEAUTIFUL!!!! Hugs my friend! ~Serene

  21. I love the tights. I love the boots. I love the skirt. I see no reason not to wear it all together!
    Ps. Thank you so much for the lovely Christmas card. I adore it, and the handmade love that went into it!

  22. Anne~Oh goody! Cuz I like to break out!
    Patti~I DO want to remain chic--so thanks Patti!
    Pam~Glad to hear it from you, Pam!
    Sugar~thanks for stopping by and I will do the same!
    Kim~I stay away from necklaces--they bug me at work and with a big bust, they roll all over the place!
    Heather~Its all about fun!
    Sheila~I was feeling wild...
    Mongs~Its quite a peplum, no?
    Judith~I only wear this jacket a few times a year.
    Sylvia~Hard to know when You are too old....
    Debbi~you remember this? Im impressed, Deb! I only wear it a few times a year...
    Tut~I will stop by!
    Susan~I can forgoe the microderm for now too.
    Wendy~ It IS! Thanks I will check it out!
    Cindy~ there is a horrification gage at my post office--I can see the look of horrification on their faces when I come it! lol
    Rose~Course I did!
    Gracefully~ Thanks!
    Ariane~love the encouragement!
    Serene~Thanks GF--missed you!
    Vanessa~they are cotton tho, so short life inn NE...

  23. Love that jacket - and your complexion looks great! :)