Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Yup, My Favorite Color!

shirt~ J Jill
skirt~ TJ's
shoes~ TJ's

I still haven't gotten it right for Everybody Everywhere.  I'm always a day late and a dollar short.  But I had to at least give it a try--YELLOW IS MY FAVORITE COLOR!!!!  I have so much yellow, I had to choose between many pictures for this post.

I have my wig piece on today--it's becoming a staple of my summer wardrobe.  With my thin hair and hot weather, I look like a drowned rat within no time.  The curly pony-tail (that you can't see) is better than my hair could ever be!

I believe there is a yellow for everyone--do you?



  1. I always miss these blogosphere theme weeks! I adore yellow, and yes, I think there is a yellow for everyone, Paula!

    You look deliciously sunny in this. Please send some sun my way!

  2. I have always despised yellow (or me in yellow) ... until I found my dress for EBEW, that is! You look so cute! And I love those sandals on you.

  3. You're outfit looks very fresh and summery. I just started my new style blog today and have been looking around at other blogging ladies in my age range. Thanks for the link to Everybody Everywhere. I'm checking that out next..

    Here's me:

  4. I'm glad somebody likes yellow! You always look so fresh and damn it happy! Yes you just look so happy

  5. Paula you look very boho chic! Yellow and red are my two favorites colors and I think that yellow looks fantastic on you.
    By the way you have an amazing collection of stylish and cool sandals.

  6. I love the skirt--the swinginess of it. More yellow please!

  7. Hello gorgeous. You look perfect for summer in your swingy skirt. I agree with Ofelia about your sandal collection -- very cool.

  8. I do beleive there is a shade of every color for everyone.I think this kind of outfits is very much you.You look great!!!

  9. Very festive! The earrings are perfect with the ensemble. I love yellow as well, and you shine!

  10. Love those dangly earrings and yellow is a perfect color for you.

    Have a beautiful weekend!

  11. Super chic !. Love the mix of color and yellow is indeed a great color on you.
    XX. Yoana

  12. I forgot to say that you have a very nice smile.

  13. OMG i am so happy to find stylish ladies over 50 - i adore your blog!

    I live in montreal and can not find blogs of ladies over 50 they are all in the US and what a bunch of stylish ladies having fun with fashion- hope to ear from you - Ariane

  14. Cute! I love your pink headband!

  15. I love the way the skirt goes from white to yellow, and then your white shirt blends in perfectly. I think this is my favorite yellow outfit ever!

    I haven't worn yellow since I was a kid. I guess I never felt attracted to the color but I'm not sure why. It is flattering, sunny and happy. It looks great on you for sure!

  16. You look great in that skirt. It just looks so summery. I love the shoes too. I have a thing for detailed shoes. And yes, my yellow is a butter yellow, others not so much.

  17. Sheila~its like an impromptu thing with me..blogging--so I miss the stuff--usually! Hope you get some sun!
    Kari~I think lots of people have a predisposed idea of yellow..I'm so glad you gave it a try!
    Joanie~Love your blog-will be visisting again soon!
    Tammy~smiling stretches the wrinkles
    Ofelia~I got really lucky with the sandals this year so I have a great collection..
    Terri~cept I wore it on the boat last weekend and a little too blowey...
    Patti~I walked out of TJ's with 4 pairs a few weeks ago..lucky day.
    Angie~and you could wear any yellow on the bottom!
    Judith~Yellow is a cheery color.
    Susan~I'm a dangly earring person--you have a good weekend too!
    Dressing...Thanks--its the yellow--it makes me happy!
    Ariane~I love your blog too~we have a great bunch--join in!
    Meaghan~It also goes into a turban--"man repeller"
    Heather~I'd love to see you try it..its happy.
    She~I love a buttery yellow and a lemon yellow. The golder yellows not so much, but this one is not so close to my face so it works!

  18. Aww, you look so cute & summery! Yellow is a great color on you!

    When will you be back to blogging? Hope you enjoy the vacay!

  19. I do believe there's a yellow for all -- and even if there wasn't I would continue to wear whatever shade I loved. It's such a darling, spring and hope-filled hue!

  20. I really like this outfit. It looks so cool and summery and just all around cute.


  21. "I believe there is a yellow for everyone--do you?"

    Hmmm, yellow reminds me of summer and sunshine, fun and vacation. I actually love yellow. Love your skirt btw.

    Cathy| Popular Brands of Scrubs Uniform