Monday, July 11, 2011


When it came time to pick an outfit that was visible, it wasn't difficult for me.  Patti over at Not Dead Yet Style has been having "Visible Monday" in answer to many of us over a certain age that may have started feeling invisible.  And with my new passion for print-mixing, like I said, this task was easy!

sash~J Crew

I'm really loving this pattern mixing thing.  It gets me thinking of colors and which pattern looks best with this pattern, etc.  It's been fascinating.  And challenging from a design perspective.  These two prints have the same swirly thing going on and I love green and purple together.  The outfit just screamed for this citron sash! (I know, it's crazy how an artist mind works...)

sandals~ TJ Maxx

I don't think I'll be slinking into the background with these shoes either!  Am I visible yet?  


  1. Your sandals are such an statement piece, Paula.

  2. Your'e visisble! the patterns & colors do go together, beautifully.

  3. Beautiful! I've read some interesting tips for mixing patterns -- what makes it work -- but I'm certain I'll NEVER know what works until I try them on. Do you find that you can reliably predict what will work? Or is it always a moment of truth in front of the mirror? Love the sash, too!

  4. Paula, I am in awe of the way you can mix patterns so perfectly. You are so visible, you shine like a rocket. Love those sandals too.

  5. Very nice combination!

    If I were you I wouldn't be worried about being invisible.

  6. The yellow belt definitely pulls it together!Really visible !

  7. The shoes are amazing!!! And with a look like this (you do patterns beautifully) you are completely VISIBLE!!

  8. I lovey, love, love this outfit and those shoes are terrific!
    I think I posted an answer to our comment re: blogrolls on someone else's page LOL!
    So, Yes, you are now for sure on mine! So sorry, I used to add a note that said "please let me know if i don't have you on my blog-roll as i am old...."
    If someone is asking for my link, I just go ahead and say "here i am! ;)"

    Regarding feeling invisible:
    I feel ya!
    i suppose that's one reason I like to dress a bit "diferently" than my same-age neighbors, etc........
    But also, I wear what I am drawn to! ( I did make my hubby tell me when I wasn't 'age-appropriate" any more LOL!
    (He'd have me in jeans and an old concert T every day if I listened to him!
    Have a great weeek!

  9. You are very visible and quite stylish. I love your sandals and the yellow belt.

  10. Totally visible! In my opinion, pattern mixing is a challenge, and you do it so well.

  11. I think you're totally right about the swirly prints working well together. Though different colors, they're also about the same intensity or value. The green sash was a stroke of brilliance! It did want just that.


  12. Paula, those sandals are amazing! I also really like that purple top with the yellow sash. You really know how to mix it up in a way that's visually pleasing. You are never invisible!

  13. I love it! And, yup, I'd definitely take note of your stylin' self if I spotted you in person! I love how the strappy sandal details mimic the design in your print mixing top and bottom!

  14. Paula,
    A few weeks ago I deleted all of the blogs I follow.....of course by accident. I think the cat or maybe the wine did it! I'm so happy to find you again!
    You look wonderful, colorful and the shoes are fantastic!

  15. I think the blogosphere has helped me to see the trick with pattern mixing--I cross my eyes and see the pattern as the prodominant color. You've done great with this and yellow was a good choice for the sash.

  16. Sacramento~The shoes are comfortable, too!
    Linda~Surprisingly...I dont know if I am getting yet...but this one works.
    Anne~I can't really figure out what makes it work--there are rules--but its a moment in front of the mirror--totally.
    Patti~and I didnt know about the yellow thing at EBEW-too bad I wasnt more on the ball I could have sent the photo...
    Rose--not yet anyway.
    Angie~who would have thought it would have been the yellow belt to pull it together..
    Pam~but I do wonder if someone will be saying..poor paula, her eyesight is going....
    Riva~thanks on the blog role--and lol on the hubby thing; mine too. so I dont ask anymore either!
    Ofelia~Thanks and accessories make it!
    Judith~it is tricky..still dont get it.
    Heather~Spoken like a true artist..but even still; I cant figure it out by design standards.
    Jill~not invisible yet....
    Vanessa~I know, huh? Couldnt believe it with the sandals--just a stroke of luck i guess!

  17. For some reason my eyes always notice your cute shoes and earrings first!

    I don't know about this visibility thing. I don't really understand why it's so important to most of my women friends. I don't mind being invisible at all, but then again, I've been reading about my personality style -- left brain introvert -- and it could have to do with the way my brain is wired.