Monday, February 21, 2011

To Bathing Suit or not to Bathing Suit

While we are on the subject of body image/issues, it always saddens me to hear when women stop wearing a bathing suit.   In a perfect world, there shouldn't be any reason why anyone should stop wearing one.

I remember 30 years ago on the Cote d'Azur (aka French Riviera), everyone wore a bikini.  It didn't matter what your body type or what your age.  (It probably wasn't due to women's lib; the men strutted the beach in their speddo's while their wives tanned their bellies) While this is a refreshing thought, sometimes I think modesty is very chic.

I have been taking notes on the subject (kidding), and in my humble opinion, any cover-up that is water-worthy works.  You can find them in the bathing suit section.  A tee shirt doesn't work as well.  I see many women sporting swimmer shorts over a one-piece, or a swim-dress--and they look great and not old lady.  My big thing is a swim skirt.  Hey, I get my mini-skirt fix and it covers the real jiggly stuff. 


  1. I haven't worn one in a long time...maybe I will this year...but if I looked like you, it would be no big deal. I just am not where I feel comfortable yet...

  2. I don't need a bathing suit in Wi and not being a swimmer (or a sun bather any more)...but when I do I have a really cute purple dress. Yes, it shows off my fat knees and some celulite, but what can I do??? I might have to stop reading your blog if you keep posting outdoor photos :-0....I am so bff has a cousin in Naples and we were just there in Nov and I just LOVE it there, so I am so envious when I see the sunshine, lush greeenery, and sand. OK, I was kidding, I enjoy seeing how great you look and hearing your thoughts. :-)

  3. Oh your swimsuit with the mesh panels really suits your lovely figure and I like the yoga pose in the white sand:). Although I'm not brave enough to bare my stretch marks I think it's wonderful to see French women of all ages wearing a bikini - maybe if I was there I would rethink my bikini-ban:)))

  4. You look Fab! Florida really suits you, each and every one of your summery outfits is cuter than the last. P.S. - could you send us some sun. Please ?!

    peace and love,

  5. You look gorgeous, Paula! You shouldn't feel self-conscious at all.

    I just got a bathing suit a couple of years ago - my first in over 15 (maybe more) years. I used to be 50 lbs heavier and could NOT imagine wearing a suit. When I went to wear the new one, I was so hugely self-conscious, even a glass of wine wasn't enough to loosen me up. It took me a long time to reveal myself, and it was just amongst my girlfriends!

  6. Paula, you can wear anything and look terrific!
    This photos made me feel so relax!!!

  7. This suit looks fantastic on you! I have two one piece suits--both Nike. One is a dark navy and the other is a bit more sexy, but both are designed for women who swim laps. I wear them on our local beach with matching sarongs. Is this one your own design?

  8. Good job Paula,
    We have a a little log cabin on a lake in Indiana.
    I live in my suit in the summer. I might be a little self conscious until i get my tan on then there is nothing stopping me. On any given day I see people with better bodies and a lot of people younger than my with much worse. I always wear a skirt of some type. I bought these really cool flowey ones in the keys last year. They are revisable and can be worn several rock on and happy vacation!

  9. Paula, you have such a wonderful figure! It's no wonder you embrace your mini skirts and bathing suits! To be honest, I always feel a bit self conscious in a bathing suit; but I think you're right. Just keep wearing it and forget about the whole worrying about it thing! ~Serene

  10. I have not swam for ages. It just is not something I like to do. If my mind changes, I would swim is a swimsuit and change into bermudas/capris afterwards.

  11. I got over my bathing suit fears when I went to Greece.
    Seriously,,, everyone wears a two piece or just bottoms :) NO matter how old, body type or how low the girls hang!

  12. Pam~this should be your year. and in miami? Anything goes--most people are in 2 pieces or bikinis. I think its great!
    Linda~you can be jealous--its ok--its taken us a long time to be able to come here, and it is wonderful and enjoying evrey minute!
    Desiree~I am noticing the same liberating habit on the beaches of miami....very refreshing!
    Doreen~I'll be coming back to boston next week, so I am sending all the sun and warmth up there NOW!!!
    Sheila~Do you feel less self conscious now? You should come to miami and may help anyone's self consciousness!
    Ofelia~so glad I could help!
    Terri~I know the style you mean and I think they work well--sort of modest lines but athletic looking. Hate the real deep v with lots of cleavage....No, this is not my design, but one that works very well for me.
    Tammy~so glad to see a skirt lover like me! aren't they the best? They help in my ageing body hang-ups and its so true isn't it? Evreyone looks better with a tan!
    Serene~we all look better than what we think--I'm sort of using this bathing suit thing as an example--it can help me to see how insignificant my complaints really are. We'll get you feeling better in that suit by hook or by crook!
    Metscan~that is a good idea cept some beaches around here dont offer dressing rooms!
    Brett~Isn't it great over there? Its almost like a roman bath type thing--like communal bathing where its NOT about your body shape!

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  14. I'm 53 years old, weigh more than 200 lbs and I wear a two piece. I kayak and it's so much more practical under a wetsuit. A tankini is too much fabric under a stanly. It's uncomfortable. So I wear a variety of swimwear depending on the activity: snorkeling, kayaking, body surfing...or hanging by the pool. But I don't let my size or age get in the way of my wardrobe...even if finding a two piece is tough in my size. Thank goodness for the Internet!

  15. I kinda love it when everyone is in a bikini. Just let it all hang out. You're at the beach, after all!