Friday, February 18, 2011

Boho Paula

This was actually an outfit I wore on Valentine's Day--my husband and I went out to dinner. Afterwards we went to the beach to take blog photos.


Am loving this boho ensemble; part of which is from Anthropologie.  I'm not usually into boho--but am feeling more casual lately.

Skirt has pockets!!!

Don't you get the burning desire to post those bad pictures evrey now and then?  I do.  And here are some.  My new photographer, aka my husband, is an amatuer.  And we did have 2 for 1 for Valentines day.  Hence the bad hair. (Can't you always tell by the hair?)  Hope you have a few laughs.


  1. pull off boho very well! Oh, the skirt is FANTASTIC. I think you were really MADE for that Florida weather! You're not going to want to go North again! ~Serene

  2. Boho done right.
    Splendid outfit and photos!! Hubby did good!

  3. i love the look, and the skirt is so cute

  4. I love the boho look! That skirt is adorable & the pockets are a huge bonus :)

  5. I love this look on you! It does not surprise me that the skirt is from Anthropologie...their clothes are so cute! I still just love how happy you look there!

  6. the skirt is wonderful and the pink jacket is flattering too. Props to the husband for the photos and the hair.

  7. You look absolutely FABULOUS in that the print, how fun!!!

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  8. Serene~I have always said I am geographically misplaced as you can are correct--I feel right here.
    Ofelia~Thanks! A photographer in training--he is good for a couple of shots and then his mind wanders....
    Thanks cheeky! Am wearing the skirt a lot!
    Mommyblogger~so true--just love pockets!
    Pam~I agree--I just love Anthropologie--their catalog is wild--they seem to spend a lot of money on very artistic photography. And the stores have a lot more to offer! Love them!
    Terri~my hair is a bit drunk. Look at your hair the next time you have a few--it goes all sloppy/relaxed.
    Collette~ Thanks and I will stop by!

  9. That skirt is amazing. I'm not into boho-but to me this is just free-spirit, eclectic, not boho. and you look wonderful!

  10. I absolutely adore that skirt.Fabulous!!!1

  11. You look so chic and that pink lights up your face.
    That print in the skirt is so pretty on you.

  12. I love that skirt - so tropical! I enjoyed your outtakes!

  13. I love when bloggers post the photos they don't love as much... usually I find readers can barely tell the difference! I think you look great in all of them, and this outfit is hands down one of my favorite that I've ever seen you wear. The skirt is sublime. the top is charming together it's perfection!