Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Style Icon

Missed all of you!  Had a bit of an Internet snafu here in sunny FL but I'm back!

To the subject at hand.  There has been a lot of stuff out there lately on "Style Icons".  There is a bit at the back of Lucky Mag.; Michelle Obama is featured in a book--all on icons of style.  The article in Lucky is about Moms as style icons

Spending the last week with my mom, I wondered if she was my style icon.

Sadly, I wouldn’t say yes --as much as my mom has been a positive influence with my style, I wouldn 't say she was my "style icon". The one big difference is I am PASSIONATE about fashion/style, and she is not.

That’s not to say my mom hasn't influenced my style—she was very liberal, and open minded—which in turn gave me the confidence for my fearless sense of style.


Now about the outfit!  LOVE the contrast of this khaki jacket and the brights in the dress!  I've been seeing this color combo for a year or so--and love it in practice.  I had been looking everywhere for this jacket (can't see much of it here--oopsey!), but its a windbreaker style by the Vera Wang collection at Khols.  Little more money than I would normally spend, but it fits all my needs.  I had bought one similar last year.

So, is your mom your style icon?


  1. Paula! I've missed you girly!!! Yes! My mom was definitely my style icon....and I continue to enjoy the benefits of her amazing taste through the clothes she left me. You look GORGEOUS!!! ~Serene

  2. I wondered where you were! Yay, glad to see you pop back up looking beautiful and in a warm and sunny photograph!
    First of all: your mom is rocking that denim!
    And you look pretty pretty in that dress!

  3. Aww, I love these pictures of you and your mom! My mom was definitely my style icon, I think of her every time I get dressed!

  4. It's wonderful to see you with your mother and both of your beautiful faces. My own mother decidely dresses for comfort at all times...and I do think a bit of that has rubbed off on me. Wish I was someplace I could wear a dress like you've got on. It's snowing here!!

  5. You ladies both look lovely! Paula, love love love that dress!

    My mom is not my fashion icon, but like you, she encouraged me to be adventurous and try new things. Best advice she gave me ever: "Don't always wear the same thing twice, and never get stuck in a rut."

  6. Great photo! Love the smiles. My mom isn't exactly my style icon, because she isn't really "into" fashion. I sometimes downplay my interest around her because I fear she'll find it shallow or trivial (silly, I know).

    Having said that, though, she looks great -- and I definitely inherited my practicality from her. She also compliments my style choices with enthusiasm. And it WAS she who taught me that the wrong shoes can ruin an outfit!

  7. Your mom is precious...somehow I just now saw this post....I love your dress...really cute...hope Florida is fun.

  8. My mom values intellect, not vanity. *rolling eyes* I believe that's the stance she adopted as a smart, but very tall and awkward girl. Much as those who can't get on the cheerleading team (like me) decry cheerleading as stupid. :P I doubt she knows about my blog, but if she does I'm sure I'll be insulted about it. That's kind of her thing... finding ways to make us feel bad about the choices we make. *sigh*

    Your mom sounds (and looks) lovely. Wanna trade?

  9. To All~ It feels so good to be back in the saddle again!
    Serene~I love to hear it! I love a positive influence--love paula
    Thanks, Vanessa. Your mom must have given you confidence too, no?
    Ariel~that's so cool to hear..I have 2 boys, so I missed out on being someone's style icon....
    Terri~OUr mothers are certainly influences to be reconed with~it feels so good to wear summer clothes!!!
    Sheila~What sage advice! I can see both have done your style sense well!
    Anne~Sounds like overall, she has been a positive infuence--clothes seem frivolous to some....
    Pam~loving the warm weather--have had it with winters up north...thanks!
    Freeda~thanks for being so candid! Mothers and daughters have complicated relationships, don't they? A lot of fashion bloggers have commented on that issue--so you are not alone!