Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Best New Color for Toes!

Ah, summer accessories!  These are a couple of my new favorites~

This is the next best nail color--its by Opi and its called Extra-va-vaganza.  At first I was hesitant, as this color isn't as bold as I usually like.   Boy, am I pleasantly surprised!  This color is SO sparkly, and stays on like glue.  The sparkly thingies are fairly big, so they really sparkle.  It gets better: It hardly chips at all!  The only drawback is the texture may be too rough for fingernails.

Next up--hat!
I know, I know, its a bit eighties, but not so much, is it?  It's really working out great for the beach and for packing (it scrunches up to nothing and doesn't wrinkle).  It has a little brim and just a little sparkle.  And actually, the hat is  a different style for Florida--everyone has brimmed, straw hats--and the last thing I want to do is to look like everyone else!!!!

Above, just Florida flora and fauna~
Does anyone wear a hat to the beach?



  1. CUTE nail polish!! But I could just cry that you are somewhere warm and I'm not! LOL

  2. You are probably making a lot of people cry even those of us in South's 22 with a hard wind blowing. But you look cute and look like you are having fun!!

  3. I love the toenail polish - my toes are currently in a state of hibernation while I wait for spring (not too long, only a month or so for my part of the world).

    I love the hat - wear it! And yes, I always wear a hat to the beach (not that I go to the beach very often!).

  4. Last time I put glitter nail polish on it took me forever to get it off
    Good luck! xoxo

  5. Joy, hate to rub it in, but its really nice down here and I am so glad I am missing all that snow in Boston....
    Pam~so I've heard--been so cold in Texas along with a lot of snow evreywhere! Great year to be here!
    Sheila~Are you far from the beach or don't go? When you said your toes were in hibernation, I thought of that Ad from DSW
    Silvergirl~I might just let it wear off....I have heard that about the glitter polish!

  6. The sunshine agrees with you. Sorry I am late to the party...a joy to see your freckles!