Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Mary Poppins

Chim-chiminey chim chim cherie----I just don't know what it is, but I always feel like Mary Poppins in these midi skirts.  I'm digging up old stuff out of my closet, and this skirt was one of my favorites.  It's a violet color, with details on the felt goring, and a fitted waist. 

sweater & blouse~Victorias Secret
skirt & vest~Marshall's
Love this color combination this year--purples, blues and pinks.  Having a bit of trouble styling this "slouchy" sweater, though.  Had to belt it.  And throw something else on to try and make it look better.

Oh, and the first pair of boots didn't work; they were a light brown and looked even more Mary Poppins. 

This skirt just may go to the back of the closet again.  Mind you, I won't get rid of it because it is a classic--I just have to wait for this Mary Poppins thing to go away.  It's like that song that gets stuck in your head.....

Do you have any negative association clothing?


  1. The belt definitely works with that sweater and I'm loving the color combo!

  2. You don't look like Mary Poppins at all!! you look way cooler than that...I do have some negative associations with some things, but I am learning to throw them out the window...they do not serve me well and are often misplaced. I find when I throw them out...I feel better about my wardrobe and me!!

  3. As a thearaputic shopper usually if I have a strong negative association with something it's got more to do with when/why I bought it than the item itself.

    That's a cute outfit. Over at "Already Pretty" they're having a discussion about someone who had a long jeans skirt and their husband told them it was matronly -- the person asking the question wonders what to do about that. The AP answer was to style it better.

    I think you could be the answer to the question as you're looking bright and put together in your long skirt.

  4. Well, Paula, I respectfully disagree about the skirt. I like this length! You can't look like Mary Poppins without the umbrella and the carpet bag. The outfit is supercalifragilisticexpialidocious (sp?)

    I do negative associations with clothing--but I don't own such pieces for that very reason. I tend to avoid florals and animal prints.

  5. You can't be Mary Poppins without those shoes she wore!! So no worries here
    My negative fashion thing is the color yellow. Had to wear it everyday for 2 years as a nursing student. If it creeps into my wardrobe it is usually be accident!

  6. I love skirts, any skirt, love them all.
    My negative fashion item: trousers, yiak...They are a no, no...
    have a superb Cxmas with all your family and friend.

  7. That's a beautiful cut on that skirt! I really think it's lovely and so flattering!

  8. I know I'm late, but I can't resist adding that when I wear plaid I feel like a giant bunny rabbit. Needless to say I don't own any, just try it on occassionally at the store.
    I think its because of a few things my mom made me wear as a child.