Monday, December 20, 2010

It's Tea in the Cup, Honest!

First things first:  Terri, it is TEA in the cup.  Teavanna tea~Cocoa Mint. mmmmm
Up next?  Thoughts about this outfit.  I haven't worn this boiled wool jacket in a while because I was feeling really busty in it.  I thought maybe if I layered something longer underneath, I'd feel longer and thinner.

jacket & skirt & boots~Marshalls
wool tights~ Tights on Line

It sort-of worked, I think.  And I DO love the little ruffled, netting details on the jacket. 
I had just been dying to wear a short skirt--so I pulled out this silk one.  I can wear this into winter with the wool socks.  The darker colors in the skirt enable me to do this, I think.

One thing great about this haircut is my earrings show now!!!


  1. Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwww you look sooooooooooooo much better with that shorter hair, so stylish. Love the colour too.

  2. I really like the haircut...going to do "something" to mine over the holidays. The boiled wool jacket is wonderful and not busty at all. I'm wondering if it was the light color of the jacket that made it feel busty to you.

    Happy tea drinking!

  3. Paula, the layering works great with this jacket and elongates your total look! I was actually looking at going to a bloggers conference in March in Austin. That is more affordable for me because I can drive and stay with my daughter. I am waiting to get more details on it, but I so would love to meet up with you guys!! Hmmmm, tea, you say??

  4. great jacket and boots.
    the construction of the jacket is really nice:)

  5. Cuy-yute hair!
    And I like the long top layered underneath the jacket. It's very elegant and just fits perfectly!

  6. cocoa mint tea? I need to try that!
    This is a really neat site, I'm glad I found it! You might just change the world lady!

  7. Thanks Sacramento! Still getting used to styling it though. The boys hate it...oh well!
    oh Terri, can't wait to see a new hairstyle! I love change...and you are right about the white I think.
    Pam, I saw that conference too but it seemed like it was more for local bloggers, no? I am a tea convert--it used to be COFFEE and I still love coffee, but alas...tea is more contemplative.
    Vinda~I get so excited when I have new people commenting! Thanks for stopping by and yes, there are great details on this jacket!
    Vanessa, the layering breathed new life into this jacket...thanks on the hair. Always do red in the winter, but not always this short.
    Meri~Glad you enjoy my site and thanks so much for commenting! You should see some of the teas at teavanna. check it out at
    Rose~Its fun, and thats what I wanted to do!

  8. Love the hair, Paula! You look very frisky, haha!

    Great jacket - it fits you perfectly.