Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Warm 'n Cozy

I thought I had it all planned out.  Course you know what they say, ...best laid plans, etc.  I thought I would do a theme of leather blazers this week, but I woke up this morn NOT FEELING LIKE LEATHER.  I wanted soft and cozy.  So I dug out all my sweaters--they were sort of a motley bunch--pilled, wrinkled and tired.  Maybe one of my skirts could inspire me.  Naw, they were looking a little ratty too.  I was having a devil of a time getting ready!

My husband had given me this sweater for my birthday.  It is a cashmere/silk blend and I love the color--BUT this "slouchy" shape is giving me trouble.  I figure with its full shape, I will wear something slim on the bottom.

sweater~Victoria's Secret
skirt~Ann Taylor
 I love this skirt--the material is wool with a nap--almost like fur.  It has cute, silk ribbon finishing and fits great.  Soft and cozy.  I went for a pink/purple mix of tones today--a tad different, no?  Tamed the color party down with the neutral coat. 

Oh, and the little booties are really comfortable with the little kitten, 2 1/2 inch heel!!!  Love the sun blaring those wrinkles right off my face!

Slouchy sweaters--wear with skinny or full shape?


  1. I think your love of pink is as strong as mine.
    Love it all my friend.

  2. You look so good in pink.

    And I think slouchy sweaters can be worn with just about anything, but they do look best with a slim bottom.


  3. This is really beautiful on you. These jewel tones just light you up! I'm with you, I often try to balance things....fitted on top, loose on bottom and vice versa. But maybe I should lighten up on that rule sometime. ~Serene

  4. A cashmere/silk blend?? OOO..I bet it feels wonderful! The color is beautiful and brightens up your face! I often change my best laid plans at the last minute.

  5. Love the light colored coat and fire-engine gloves
    Is that a zipper up the front of your skirt? super cool!

  6. Love all the summery, raspberry, red-pink colors! I agree that it looks great paired with a slim skirt. It's a great proportional fit!

  7. I vote for slim unless you are going for the "too old to care" look.

    I love when you show outerwear. I commute on public transit and spend a lot of time looking around at what people wear over whatever they're wearing. The camel looks fun with the pops of color.

  8. I have to laugh...I'm totally the oddball here because I do notice the clothes (really!) but I am amazed by the pattern of the winter branches on the shrub behind you!!!
    loving the colors you have on too...

  9. Sacraemento~I love color, as you know by now, so ANY color is a great color!
    Joy~I felt sort of all boobs n belly, tho!
    Serene~ya, I might try this with a fuller, short skirt?
    Pam~Victorias Secret does some really nice, reasonably priced blends. I was just a little bummed on the shape of this one, but I will make it work!
    Silvergirl~Its actually more of the satin ribbon--very cute detail.
    Vanessa~Very rasberry like tones. Thanks
    Rose~Most people will only SEE me in outerwear, so its got to be part of it, no?
    Lisa, of course you would notice the tree, so did I--we are artists, afterall!

  10. I love everything about this outfit!

  11. love the blue tights- and i vote skinny with the full sweater. nice look!

  12. Hhm. My camel sweater is pretty slouchy and i have paired it with a fitted shape. I have had OLD cashmere sweaters though that are just so comfy that I throw them on and don't even think about the look! The sweater is a beautiful color on your sunny face!