Monday, November 29, 2010

Colored Leather

I just finished reading The Thoughtful Dresser, by Linda Grant, thanks to my friend, Terri over at Ragz.  In it, among lots of other great stuff, was a part on a leather biker jacket being too young to be worn by an over 50 year old.  Personally, bikers are a bit too tough for me to pull off, yet I do see plenty of over 50's that look great in them.  I have feminized this look by finding colored leather jackets and wear them as blazers in the office, or as 'tween season jackets.  I love colored leathers!

shoes~Nordtrom's the Rack

The skirt has a long history.  When I bought it at a thrift store about 15 years ago, it was one of those long, preppy skirts that was longer than a midi.  It was pretty ugly, but the fabric was gorgeous.  It is one of the softest wool challis I have ever been able to find.  I took the hem up, to about 2 inches below the knee--a good boot length.  In a few years, that looked sort of dowdy.  So last year, I took a few more inches off and whala!  I am in love with it all over again!

And just to be a little cheeky?  I did the socks and sandal thing again.  Love the monochromatic look!

Whadaya think?  Biker jackets for over 50? 


  1. This looks great on you! Those socks and sandals really work.....also, isn't it amazing what a few inches off a skirt will do? Gorgeous! ~Serene

  2. Love the jacket, but then again I am not impartial, I love, love pink.

  3. Awesome jacket! I have an "artist friend," over 60, and she totally pulls off the black leather biker jacket.

  4. This outfit is wonderful! Love the jacket and the skirt and the tights and the awesome color!
    I completely disagree with the book...I think biker jackets are great for anyone over 50 who wants to give it a try and on some women they look amazing! I wish I could wear them. You said you liked the book though, so I assume she doesn't say too many things like this!

  5. Ok - if you can shorten a skirt twice I guess I'll set that as my standard. I have a skirt I've taken up once and the last time I wore it I was thinking it was too long again and I'd give it away.

    I think this jacket is good, particularly through the waist. Biker jackets are sometimes a little short and have a lot of detail around the bottom right where I have a muffin top that doesn't need a big buckle highlighting it.

  6. If the jacket is a good fit I think an 85 yr old can get away with it!
    You go girl

  7. I must have missed that rule somewhere. I've been shopping for a black one, but I want simple lines in it--nothing like a biker would wear.

    The pattern in the skirt is what I'm envious of!

  8. LOVE the tights. Great color-- where did you get them? (I love the jacket, too, of course... but I'm fixating on smaller (cheaper?) details at the moment!)

  9. Love the monochrome leg and shoe look. (It was the central story of the Wall Street Journal weekend style page this weekend --- it caught my eye because the section cover had a bunch of monochrome legs and shoes walking across the newsprint!)

  10. I love this look! I love how it goes from bright to a pattern to neutral. Very unique. :)

  11. You are one of the few, who look great in bright colors and a biker jacket- must be your great smile!
    I would not wear leather jackets/coats, except the fur ones and maybe something in suede.

  12. Serene~I was thinking of you gf and your regulatory 6" off! I probably did a little more than that but...I'm having second thoughts on the sandal and sock thing...maybe a later post
    Sacramento~thanks and altho I love pink also, this jacket is closer to red--sorry for the bad pics; the sun is at a very low angle at this time of year-pics can be tricky!
    Lisa~I think people can pull it off; dont know what she was talking about.
    Pam~Welcome and thanks for commenting! In the book, which i did like, there is a bit where the author,Linda Grant, is horrified that her new biker jacket is deemed a piece to avoid by an esteemed Sarah Mower. So to clarify things, it wasn't the authors opinion. she does go into this whole thing of "mutton monitor". I might go into this more later....
    Rose~no rules on how many times you can take up a skirt...biker jacket? maybe some rules..
    silvergirl~I couldnt agree MORE!!!!
    Terri~I sort of thought of you with this paisley--you would love this material! oh and see my explaination above about the book--it wasnt the author's opinion.
    Anne~I got these at Marshall's and I was so excited because it is SO Hard to find a medium brown like this! Marshall's and TJ's have had a lot of stockings this year. Have you tried They have choices; just in case there are no marshalls around you.
    Vanessa~I can't believe you said that--I was going to use that page in Wed. post because I dont know if I'll wear a monochromatic leg for xmas or color girls got it going on!
    Thanks Flow and thanks for commetning! Welcome! I had to tone it down a bit...
    Metscan~Thanks but why no leather?

  13. Sorry Pam, I didnt recognize the new moniker!

  14. That leather jacket looks absolutely FABULOUS! KEEP WEARING IT! I agree that leather can be tricky to wear if one's skin looks leathery, as can happen with age, because leather can make one's skin look more leathery than it is -- but that leather jacket doesn't seem to make your skin look leathery at all -- you can pull it off! It looks FIERCE!

  15. awesome jacket! leather is classic.

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  17. just catching up on blog posts after my vacation and saw this....and LOVE the look! Every inch is perfect.

  18. Sandals and socks is a great look for you! You should try black socks with sandals.