Saturday, October 2, 2010


So, the most disturbing photos this week?  Madonna and her retouched and un-retouched photos.  Not because I am upset over Madonna's human-ness, but because we live in an unreality of reality.  And because we like to see the failings of other people, and we like to feel like we are better than someone.  And all of this for the entertainment of millions.  

To make light of this social phenomenon, I decided I would retouch my own photos.  I really didn't like my close-up yesterday, so I tried, in vain, to make it better.


 Should we live a re-touched life? 


  1. This is making me lol, isn't it insanity?!

  2. Our faces show our lives and our experiences. Why would we want to erase that from your faces? by the way, I think you're first pic is absolutely gorgeous!

  3. Serena--I thought the top pic was gorgeous too! I don't even know how to retouch my face photographically!

    Paula--Have you seen the Dove evolution commercial? You might YouTube it. It is something I use in my writing classes, to make an impression on the female students about the bombardment of messages they receive in their lifetimes about appearance.

    Somehow I missed the unretouched Madonna.

  4. Thanks Lisa and Serena!

    Terri~I do remember the Dove commercial~and I don't think it was a success, was it?
    Did the Madonna link work for you?