Monday, September 27, 2010

Unexpected Classic

 I had bought this cape/poncho to wear to football games about 10 years ago, and I can't believe how often I reach for it!  It has become a classic in my wardrobe and a great cover for spring and fall!  I find myself throwing it on in the morning when I go to work out, or for hikes in the woods, or a snugglie on the sofa!  

The material is a fleece, and looks much better than Rachel Zoe's version, I think.  (Maybe Rachel's needs some washings--looks a bit stiff)  Capes and ponchos are really in this year, but just be aware of their limitations.  They can be cool on a windy day and are very cumbersome while driving. 

Is there something in your wardrobe that became an Unexpected Classic?


  1. Oh my goodness, this IS better than Rachel Zoe's version. I saw a camel wool cape in a Salvation Army store, even edged in leather, but I didn't grab it immediately and it was no longer there when I went back. You're right, it's a classic.

    I have a sweater, hand knit in cranberry mohair that I thrifted over 20 years ago. It's starting to look a little ragged now, but I invariably get compliments when I wear it and people think, mistakenly, that I knit it myself.

  2. I love capes! So much better than an coat or jacket, and much more dramatic! The shoes that I'm wearing in today's post are definitely a classic I continue to reach for. I love those finds!

  3. Terri-is that sweater like a poncho? I have one of those but I feel like an old hippie when I wear it!

    too bad u missed out on that cape~sounds cute!

    Elegant of my (now) closest friends met me because of the drama of that cape!!! So very true~they are dramatic-sort of like Dracula, lol!

    Must check out your shoes..