Tuesday, September 28, 2010

French Dressing

skirt~Newport News

I've been tuning in on Fridays to Ruby's Musings on her French thing and it's got me thinking about French dressing--or what WE, as Americans, think it is.  I'm certainly no expert, but I can say I've read biographies on Chanel, studied fashion history and spent some time in Paris years ago, and I still find the way french women dress rather fascinating. 

What I did today was something that is true to the stereotype--bateau-neck striped shirt with a glam-ish skirt and my favorite slip-ons.  (a Frenchwomen would probably had sexier heels).  Once, I read that to dress like a Frenchwoman, you should always wear one expensive item--that, ladies, is my shoes.

I'm going to experiment some more, and I'm sure French Fridays at Ruby's blog will inspire me also.  In the meantime, check out this video~I thought this was an interesting take on French styling, and a bit contrary to what I had mentioned previously in a post stating "...Europeans wishing to stand out...".  So much for that!

Any insightful ideas on French dressing welcome! 


  1. Hmmmm....I really don't know. I know Chanel always advised to take one item off before you walk out the door. I always imagine European dressing to be simple and elegant. I like that about those Europeans!

  2. Thanks for the mention...that was very sweet of you .

  3. Paula--Hmm, you're making me see that my denim skirt should be several inches shorter! I like your look here.

    I really appreciate the link to the video. Weber seems very credible. At least I mimic the French in the tendency to repeat. I had never heard the one expensive item rule of thumb. I can afford that now...

    I'll also check out Ruby's Musings too!

  4. Elegant~Yes, I had heard that one too--but she laid on about 20 necklaces so that is relative.. I do remember being in Paris for about 2 weeks and seeing only 2 dresses on this bank teller.....

    Ruby~you are welcome!

    Terri~the outfit photo taking gives me a better perspective of how I look, and I know it does that for you too--you have a good eye. I hope you took no offense..

    The video is informative and a different perspective I thought!

  5. no offense taken. :)