Thursday, September 30, 2010

Riding Boots

Ok, so I am a little embarrassed.  People have been blogging about boots, and I decided to check in on mine. I discovered I have 17 pairs of boots.  Pretty bad, huh?

Now I will rationalize this by saying, first of all, I live in NE, and we get lots of snow and ice.  And I wear skirts almost exclusively and boots keep my legs warm.  I wear boots probably every day for 4-5 months.

That being said, I guess I could be somewhat of an expert then, eh?  

Out of all the boots, of which you will see--cowboy, high shaft, mid shaft, low, winkle pickers, shooties, bootie, granny, flat and mid heeled~my  

recommendation for this year is:  The RIDING BOOT.  Practical for all occasions, comfortable and classic.  My pair is from Santana Boots out of Canada, and anyone who needs a real winter boot, most are warm, waterproof with rubber soles.  I would highly recommend them--these are probably 15 years old--believe it or not!  This is my 3rd pair and wear them constantly--so the cost per wear is next to nothing (they are pricey)!

Santana Riding Style Boots

What will you be wearing for boots this year?


  1. I'm having trouble posting, sorry if this duplicates...
    I love the santanas, do they run wide?

  2. I had 2 pair of boots custom made for less than $100 in Vietnam a couple of years ago and they're WONDERFUL. I have large calves and I've only ever found a couple of pairs that would fit...but didn't look great.

    The one regret that I have is that I didn't have a riding boot style made. They would be really useful.

    You have a GREAT collection!

  3. I'm a boot lover as well, but I have a way to go before I hit 17! Still, the more you have, the longer each pair lasts, right?
    My recent favourites are my new Fluevog Britneys -- low heel, pointy-toe, just a few gathers to give interest and shape. Not for a serious winter day, but they'll get me through most of the fall and much of the winter, and they're comfy all day indoors as well.

  4. 17! I'm impressed. I own one lone pair--cowboy boots, which my husband insisted I have. I confess though that I have been shopping online for some. I had thought a pair of stacked heel Frye boots, but I'm liking the flats, in a style that would allow me to slouch them or pull them up high. Do you have a pair like that? And if so, how do you like them?

  5. You are speaking my language, as I think you know. I LOVE boots! I don't think you have an excessive number, at all.

    What, pray tell, are the beauties in the lower right corner? I'm talking the tan ones with the heel, and the reddish brown ones next to them. I am seriously drooling!

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  7. Hello there. I'm an over- 40 blogger, but not too far from being an over-50 blogger. I also love fashion and art and have a separate blog for each. I have five children ages, 22, 17, 10, 7 and 2. We are a homeschooling family. I just went through all of the posts on your blog. Love your sense of style. I could definitely learn some tips from you; so I am signing up as a follower and putting your blog on my blog roll on my sewing and fashion blog. I look forward to more great posts.

  8. Lisa~I think they do run wide Lisa~check the link for sure and they do offer them at Zappos sometimes also.

    Still ...mmmmm custom made boots mmmmmmmm

    Materfamilias--are those the boots you posted the other day? I LOVED them. Love the lower heels~

    Terri~ I actually have 2 pairs that I can wear slouchy or not; one pair I got at Aldo last year (they are the medium brown ones in the second picture) and the other pair I think i GOT Very inexpensive at Newport News.

    Well Anne, you definatly picked my sexiest pair! Those ROCK with skinny jeans--but they kill my feet. I got those at TJ's 3 years ago. The ones next to it are actually cowboy boots from Joan and david and are OLD--like 10 years.

    Trudy, Welcome! so great to have you here--I am a seamstress also so I look forward to blogging with you and thanks for following! I will check out your blogs!