Thursday, September 2, 2010

Hip Huggers

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I'm NOT a big fan of the low rise(aka hip huggers)- shapeless blouse proportion. At this point in my life I still want to define my waist! It goes so quickly......
Nonetheless, I decided I might give it a try...what the hell..and I surprised myself--NOT SO BAD! Probably wouldn't do it all the time; and I made sure some of the blouse was fitted, and I felt more comfortable trying this with a shorter skirt. Thoughts?
And I decided I will try some poses--I know my pictures are pretty bad, but I am hoping to improve! My MODEL friend probably cringes when she looks at my page.....she would laugh at the jazz pose I could NOT post!!!


  1. Jazz pose? Oh come on let us see it!!
    Keep rockin the poses :)
    And for the record, anything not lo-rise makes me feel like I'm in mom jeans!! Even though it can be hazardous scooching down to get a can of beans from the low shelf in the grocery store, need the long tops for coverage.... :)

  2. Lisa, I know what you mean about the mom jean thing. You may have seen a few pairs of jeans that I got at Alloy, that are like fake-out low rise--they have all the detail low--but actually are a high waist! A great find; to bad that don't have them anymore (but I will doublecheck!)

    Its the top also in my pics--some of my lo-rise stuff I wear a "curvier" top---so my body dosen't look so straight. Its a wierd proportion.

  3. Hahaha you are a riot! I LOVE your poses! And your blog! And if you find that the Alloy jeans are still available, let me know, too. Those rock on you! P.S. Bring on the Jazz pose; I have to see it now :-)